Christmas Guide to Cover Everyone on Your List

We could all use a bit of help figuring out what to gift this time of year. A Christmas guide is a useful tool. With so many people on our respective lists and so many different interests, it can be hard to get the right gifts for everyone. It seems that every year, we fall more and more into the “gift card rut,” that place where we say, “You can’t go wrong with a gift card.” While gift cards are great to receive, it’s always nice to give a physical gift. This Christmas guide features companies than span the gifting spectrum to help make sure you’ve got your entire list covered.


A Christmas Guide for All

I’ve picked out seven companies that offer gifts across the board. These companies were all featured recently at the Impressions PR Holiday Gift Guide event in Toronto. You can find everything from Maplelea dolls to personalized items that make gifting more memorable. Between all of these options, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your shopping list this year.



Maplelea is a Canadian doll company specializing in dolls that are uniquely Canadian. Each of the dolls has a unique personality and hometown. We have a few of their dolls already, and we love them. You can find all kinds of dolls and accessories to fit any doll lover in your life. For girls age four and up these dolls are such a beautiful high quality keepsake. One year my older daughter received Taryn as a gift. Another time we received Charlsea. My girls still love the catalogues every year and pour over them endlessly. ASK me about any one of the dolls and I will tell you what I love about them and which accessories we adore. That’s the great thing with Maplelea, they could be in my Christmas guide every year because you can keep giving the accessories annually. That adds to the fun. This season there’s a new horse with stable. I love that for my daughter who rides.



I know. You don’t really think “Christmas Gifting” when you think Staples, but they have a lot of great gifting options. Staples is like a wonderland of personalized gifts ready to make and share, with everything from mugs to pictures to blankets and tees. Any child, or grandparent would love a personalized blanket keepsake with special photo on it. Mugs and coasters and phone accessories are special gifts too. And that’s just a sample of what they can personalize for you. Their stocking stuffers and electronics section seems bigger than I ever remember it being. And there are so many great options for teens, children, and adult gadget geeks too.


St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s makes the Christmas guide because they’re the perfect gifting source for anyone who’s into beauty and skin care products. St. Anne’s has a huge selection of all-natural skin care products that are both effective and safe for you and for the environment. I’ve been using their nourishing eye cream for the last week and it is a keeper. Love how effective it is.

Rent Frock Repeat

Do you have a clothes horse on your list? Maybe you need to go to a special event and don’t have a thing to wear. Enter Rent Frock Repeat. This company specializes in super stylish clothing that you can rent for any event or occasion. They have a special showroom in Toronto where you can try on their offerings. If you can’t get there, you can also “try on” their clothing via SKYPE. Hello, that’s brilliant! This time of year this is the solution you need to dress up fast. Why would you buy a dress when you can rent one that is gorgeous at 90 % off. Plus honestly I like that this spares my closet space. I don’t enjoy clutter.



What better addition to a Christmas guide could there be than one that gives back. During this season of giving, consider gifting with products from UNICEF Live. The gifts you buy for your family and friends help make a meaningful impact in the lives of needy children around the world. Right now a couple of the most popular gifts are the bed nets which are rally a good price at 3 for $10. I might purchase some of those and tell a friend that I have done so in place of a gift this year. Malaria is a very real threat to so many kids and adults in developing countries. The plumpynut, a concentrated food for a malnourished child is an impactful gift too. I personally would give the school in a box, a gift that can change lives for children in a war zone or refugee camp. OR I would love give the gift of vaccines this year, because I have seen how impactful those can be. In Zambia vaccines are the difference between life and death.


Lif3 is a company specializing in smart chip technology that helps guard you and any other tech lover in your life from the radiation that emits from smart phones and smart devices. It’s doubly great because it protects your giftee, and it’s also a cool little safety add on to any of your gadgets.


Let your Canadian pride show for all with gifts from They have a full line of tees and clothing that are uniquely Canadian, allowing you or your giftee to show their Canadian spirit. Their t-shirts are great quality and so are their hoodies. I know a teen or two who would LOVE a Happiness is Canada t-shirt or hoodie this year.

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Gaffe Free Gifting This Year

This Christmas guide is all about gaffe free gifting this year. Check out these companies and see what they have to offer for your holiday gift shopping. All told, these companies have products that run the gamut from clothing to tech to charitable gifts and personalized gifts. You’re sure to find something for everyone.

I was not compensated for this post however I attended the event recently and received some perks as a result. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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