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Personalized Twiga Fitness Leggings

Twiga fitness leggings are my new favourite. Let me tell you why. I spend a decent amount of time at the gym. Some weeks not as much as I wish, and other weeks exactly the right amount for me. I need proper gear when I am at the gym doing centergy, or weights, or pilates, or group fit. For the summer I have shorts I love that are moisture wicking and work beautifully for me. In the winter I have warm full length yoga pants that are also my office wear some days. It’s the in between times where I never seem to have enough of the right clothing that I need for exercise.


So when Twiga women’s Yoga and fitness gear contacted me I knew I had to have some of their personalized capri length leggings. Capris are perfect year round for yoga and group fit and weights too. There are classes where long pants are WAY too warm, even in the coldest winter months. Depending on the workout, classes can feel like they are HOT YOGA. So long yoga pants are torture on those occasions.


What is not torture is this awesome pair of Twiga Brooke capri fitness leggings. Look closely in the picture above and the one below and you will see that they have my Instagram and Twitter handle on them. INKSCRBLR. I LOVE THAT. You could opt for your name or a random word instead. That’s the beauty of personalized products with Twiga.

[tweetthis]Personalized yoga/ dance workout products from TWIGA are perfect gifts #TMMGG16[/tweetthis]

The pair of pants I received are simply amazing. They fit perfectly and you know how that can sometimes be an issue with on line ordering, right? My kids have more clothing than they need because they often inherit the products sent here that are too small. These Twiga Brooke Capri Fitness Leggings are true to size. That makes me happy. Twiga also sent my sporty spice 12-year-old a pair of adorable capri length pants.


Twiga makes high quality product that is every bit as good as the highest priced product in the women’s fitness clothing segment of the market. Plus, it’s much more affordable and it is also Canadian, based in Toronto. Some of the products can be personalized and some cannot. Sometimes the personalization is on the waist, but these ones move the detail to the legs.

Twiga leggings do not ride, whether you are doing downward dog, or standing splits. They hug my waist and hips and calves perfectly. The rise is good and more importantly, they are not low slung hip hugger pants that end up flashing everyone in the room each time you switch positions. That’s not my workout style. You can Follow Twiga Clothing on Twitter. They are also on Facebook.



When I wear other brands of fitness leggings sometimes I am striving to do my best when the clothing malfunctions and breaks my focus. I have a much better workout when I am focused on the movements and the breath and making the most of my ability. Wearing these Twiga leggings helps me do my best.

Plus honestly they are just a fun line of women’s workout clothing. I challenge any of my readers to find workout gear that outperforms my Twiga fitness leggings. Twiga makes going to the gym fun. If you have a daughter who dances, or does anything athletic these would be a perfect gift for the holidays, or for a birthday. While you are at it, get a pair for yourself. YOU will LOVE them.

I received product for consideration here on Thrifty Momma’s Tips. My opinion is all my own.¬†

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