HEXBUG Toys for All Ages #TMMGG16

HEXBUG toys are a huge hit among kids. These vibrating little toys roam around the table or floor, mesmerizing kids as they go. With HEXBUG toys, kids have fun watching their little “bug” friends roam about. With the available habitat set, kids build an entire world that bugs can live in and explore.


Kids love movement. No matter their age, all kids love toys that have a mobile aspect to them. HEXBUG takes full advantage of that. Their line of toys have been popular for a long time now, with everything from original HEXBUG to HEXBUG Nano and now HEXBUG Nano Junior. They make the perfect gift for any child, from birthdays to Christmas.


HEXBUG Toys are Now for All Ages

HEXBUGS used to only be for older kids, but now that’s changed. With HEXBUG Nano Junior, kids as young as 18 months of age can enjoy the fun of HEXBUG. HEXBUG Nano Junior is a macro-sized version of the extremely popular HEXBUG designed with very young children in mind.

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These toys are oversized to prevent any choking hazards, and they feature 12 rubberized legs and a variety of colors that any child will enjoy. HEXBUG Nano Junior scurries all over the place, delighting the little ones for super fun play time that’s as safe as it is enjoyable. Little ones won’t even know the toys rely on Vibration technology and robotics to come to life.

HEXBUG Nano Nitro is strictly for the bigger kids. And the HEXBUG Nano Nitro Habitat Set allows the kids to watch their favorite HEXBUG toys roam around in their own little world. It comes in a base model with add-on kits that allow your kids to build the ultimate HEXBUG experience, with features like tracks, gates, and tubes for hours of fun with their HEXBUG toys. This year we are giving these to my nephews. They are small so they don’t google or read this blog yet. 😉

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HEXBUG Toys Make Great Gifts

Whether it’s a birthday or the upcoming holiday season, HEXBUG toys make great gifts, and now they make great gifts for all ages. With the HEXBUG Nano Junior, even the littlest of littles can enjoy the scurrying fun of HEXBUG. My daughters both enjoy this line of toys and have for several years. If you have kids on your shopping list, give them one of the most popular kids’ toys out there, HEXBUG toys.

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  • Brenda Rivet

    My granddaughter was about 2 years old when we introduced her to Hexbugs. We bought a habitat and several hexbugs. She played with them everyday for the longest time. She’s 11 years now. Now her little brother also plays with them. He’s 5 years. My others daughter has 2 daughters. They are 4 years and 2 years. The the oldest was just over a year when we got her some hexbugs and a habitat. When the nitro hexbugs came out, we added to the collection. It rekindled their interests. Now, I’m want to add to the younger kid collection. I’ve been searching for hexbug nitro and the tubes that go with the habitat. That’s what we are wanting to give them for Christmas. They will be so excited! I’m excited too! I enjoyed play with them as well. What a great product!!!!!!