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    Christmas Guide to Cover Everyone on Your List

    We could all use a bit of help figuring out what to gift this time of year. A Christmas guide is a useful tool. With so many people on our respective lists and so many different interests, it can be hard to get the right gifts for everyone. It seems that every year, we fall more and more into the “gift card rut,” that place where we say, “You can’t go wrong with a gift card.” While gift cards are great to receive, it’s always nice to give a physical gift. This Christmas guide features companies than span the gifting spectrum to help make sure you’ve got your entire list covered. A…

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    Under Five Day at Simonga Clinic in Zambia

    About an hour outside Livingstone, sits Simonga Clinic, the first of several clinics we will visit while in Zambia. Simonga clinic is busy already with under five day. Babies breastfeed while toddlers play with each other tugging on clothing, and scoping visitors out warily. A tiny girl in pink tries to drag Mom’s purse across the concrete floor to show a friend. She bursts into tears when Mom lifts the bag out of reach. Another toddler wanders over to the immunologist in our group and he waves repeatedly engaging, until she holds out her hand for a high five. Then he is suddenly shy, racing back to his Mom. Under Five Day Simonga…

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    Ten Facts About World Polio Day #WorldPolioDay

    This week as we mark World Polio Day I wanted to share a few facts about polio and the vaccine that saves lives. Just one week ago I was in Zambia doing a fellowship with the UN Foundation’s global vaccine program called Shot @ Life. On our last day in Livingstone, we visited the Mahatma Gandhi clinic where moms and dads brought their babies to receive the appropriate vaccines needed for their age group. Many babies were receiving the oral polio vaccine, as shown below. It’s the type of global vaccination initiative that Shot@Life supports in many countries around the world. The time we spent in Zambia was remarkable and educational.…