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Christmas Traditions

I have a holiday tradition started when my babies were each so tiny they couldn’t even say the word Christmas and it is one I maintain each year. Sometimes realtives also get in on the fun as I do. Every year I buy a Christmas ornament – started with Baby’s First Christmas and then Baby’s second Chistmas and so on. My daughters are now five and eight and they love to periodically get their own Rubbermaid Christmas ornament containers down and peer at each of the ornaments they’ve been given. Each one holds a memory. There’s precious granddaughter and a Hallmark sisters one that breaks apart so each sister has a piece. Last year my Ninja girl Ainsley got the sweetest handcrafted girl doing karate ornament that is personalized with her name. My goal with this is for each of my children to have a lovely keepsake and a chest full of ornaments when they are grown and when they move out and have their own first Christmas trees. My mother-in-law didn’t have the same exact tradition, but she did pass a couple of ornaments down to my husband Jim and now that she has passed away these are truly some of the most treasured items on our tree each year. Anyways while hunting on line the other day for some special needs timers – yet to find a decent one by the way – I stumbled on this site with the most lovely jewelry and Christmas ornaments and wanted to share it with you. I ordered these two ornaments (seen above) from 2209 Elliot Ave. S #2 in Minneapolis. I didn’t receive any of this for free but loved the ornaments so much ($7.50 each) and received them in the mail so quickly that as I said I wanted to share. You can personalize this jewelry and the ornaments too for an extra fee. The ornaments in the picture above say “You Are Loved” and “Shine Brightly” and I had difficulty choosing as they were all so lovely. Both the ornaments and the jewelry are very adoption friendly and would make fantastic adoption day gifts too. Deirdre’s jewelry is sterling silver and unique and I may have to purchase more, but for this year I have found the special ornaments each one of my girls will receive.

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  • Cyn

    So happy to find a blog that is Canadian and especially local for London. I see so many American ones where the things they talk about, the bargains they mention and so on aren’t applicable to us and in fact I was whining about that on Twitter the other day lol. Have been reading through your blog and love it. Very informative! I’ll be back for sure!

  • Skees

    We do this with R. My parents had been buying a series for her, but found out the series is no longer available in Canada, so she’s switching to a different one, at least for now. Parents have also been doing this for me since forever except instead of brass decorations I get pewter ones these days.

  • Tammy

    I think Christmas Ornaments are a wonderful tradition to start with children, so they can have their own when they move on in life, and to mark all the “specials” in their lives. We were just decorating our tree last week, and most of the ornaments are ones my daughter has received or made. Our tree is going to be quite empty when she moves out!