Clearasil PerfectaWash: Review and a Quiz

How do you know if your sweet little girl or boy is ready for the talk about skin care and the importance of a skin care regimen?
Let’s pretend this is a quiz. Like in Cosmopolitan magazine. But, not smutty, a clean kind of quiz. ‘Cause this is a family blog y’all (channeling Kerry here from @HouseTalkN)
Answer true or false to all of these questions. M’Kay?
Is it the teens? 
1. Does your son or daughter struggle to get out of bed every morning?
2. Do they proclaim each and every day The Best Day Ever! rapidly followed by The Worst Day Ever!
3. Does your sweet angelic cherub slam doors when asked to: a. come downstairs for dinner. b. get ready for school and/ OR c. clean the floor so we can see something resembling wood or carpet?
4. Use sarcasm as their first and native language?
5. Punctuate each sentence with “You don’t understand me!” “Nobody understands me!” Door slam. (Generally this is repeated at odd intervals like when you state Good Morning! or How was school?)
6. Acccidentally swear where they never did before and then promptly look horrified as if they want to take it back?
7. Start to develop small blemishes on their face where there weren’t any last week?
8. Start to show extreme hair changes. You know like growing it where it wasn’t before OR having previously curly hair hang lank and lifeless, develop dandruff or oily hair where just two months ago – or so it seems – was a gorgeous riot of baby fine toddler curls?
9. Stare in the mirror in their room for hours on end as if waiting to see if they might get sucked into some alter world of Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
10. Have an attention span that has suddenly dwindled to where it once was when they were two?
If you answered True to five or more of these questions, then congratulations you are the proud owner of a tween or teen. And congratulations, you have hormones. Over the next five to eight years (yes, suck it up this is a long phase in development) you will, in fact, need to have several very deep conversations with your child. This one here is all about skin care. The sooner you get your tween or teen understanding the importance of a skin care regimen, the better. Hopefully with enough repetition they will be able to manage flare ups of acne and outbreaks of blemishes, redness, pimples, imperfections. So get them started now.
First step to taking care of your skin is keeping it clean. Grit and grime collect on everyone’s skin so it is extremely crucial to cleanse your skin every day. Morning and night is best.
My oldest child and I were given the new Clearasil PerfectaWash system to review this past month. 
PerfectaWash is a motion activated dispenser with refillable face wash. It is battery operated and sits in the bathroom on the counter waiting to be used. My daughter has used this one daily for two weeks now. When she remembers to use it – internalizing a skin care regimen is a bit of a learning curve – her skin is clean and clear of blemishes and it shines. I was a bit concerned this solution might be harsh, or drying, but that hasn’t been the case. I liked the motion activated unit, because it is novel and I like clever twists on old standbys. And its the closest thing to high tech that I have in my bathroom. But a word, or warning about this entire setup. There is a switch on the back of the stand. Make sure it is off initially when putting it together, or the solution will dispense needlessly and you’ll waste the product. Also switch it off when not using it. The motion sensor is sensitive and washing hands nearby will trigger it.
I am thankfully no longer a teen and don’t really need Clearasil Perfectawash, but for the tween in our house it has worked well and is one more tool for teaching great skin care habits and hygiene. This is a lengthy process as I have mentioned so get started early and repeat the message often. The motion activate unit is gender neutral and would suit most teenagers. 
Rapid action Face Wash dispenses the right amount every time. The starter kit and face wash system comes with 2 refills: one is superfruit splash and the other is soothing plant extracts. Refills are also available separately. The system helps treat and keep skin clean and clear of blemishes. Because Clearasil Perfectawash dispenses the right amount of solution every time, it cleans without overdrying skin. The kit comes with 3 double A batteries. Salicylic acid is the main active ingredient preventing acne. 
I wrote this post for Mom Central Canada and Reckitt Benckiser Canada. I received special perks and compensation for this post. My opinion and my humor are all my own.

$2.00 off any one (1) Clearasil PerfectaWash™:
$2.00 off any one (1) Clearasil PerfectaWash™

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