Kindersurprise and Sharing Easter

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Every child is nothing short of a miracle. No matter how they come to be, or where they start. Miracles. Each and every one. Some simply have harder starts than others. Whether their challenges arrive in the form of health issues, prematurity or complications at birth. Some are born into the families they will live with forever. Others need help finding a soft place to land. 
My kids are the latter. We found them, caught them, held on tight. 
We are parents by adoption. This time of year we gather often with our friends, an extended family of parents who are born by heart. After our family celebrations are over, we plan an afternoon to celebrate our children and reconnect. (The picture above is from our Easter egg hunt two years ago.)
This year, just after Easter, I will turn my backyard into the setting for an Easter egg hunt. I’ve invited all of the families we support and love from the post-adoption support group. I will scatter the Kindersurprises this year and wait to see the smiles. Many of our children have special needs and many spent long amounts of time in hospitals at birth. One of my girls had several serious health issues and was in the NICU for a couple of weeks at a local children’s hospital. Some of our children come to be adopted because they were abused or neglected. Others were prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol. Some have been hurt by the people they trusted the most. They spend their lifetimes healing. Our beautiful children are fighters and they are strong, resilient souls. They are all heroic. 
I am so grateful to be working with a brand like Kinder that values children and shares the spirit of play, supporting children, families and community. This year Kinder has partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network, with their Joy to Share campaign. Every Kinder toy or surprise you buy helps support the amazing children’s charity that helps build strong healthy families when their children are in distress.  The Children’s Miracle Network also supports Sick Kids Foundation and the amazing hospital in Toronto where I was seen for many years as a child. We travelled back and forth from Guelph every few months to see specialists there when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as a child. The charity is one of the most worthwhile I know. If you know someone or have a child that has ever been hospitalized you know how trying, emotionally exhausting, stressful and expensive the experience can be. Kinder on Facebook is also featuring Miracle Kids – Moms Sharing their Stories about their little ones and their journey back to health.
This month Kinder joined twitter. For a limited time you can follow them on twitter and you have the chance to win one of 1,000 Kinder Surprise eggs. Follow @Kinder or @KinderFR
I am using all my Kindersurprises for our Easter egg hunt with the many miraculous kids in this area who have special needs and have joined their families by adoption. 
I am still seeking other donations for this children’s event. If anyone wishes to support the egg hunt with goods or services on April 15th, please email me at inkscrblr@rogers.com. Or tweet me @inkscrblr
How will you give back this year?
Now enjoy your many miracles this Easter. No matter how they came to you.
I am a KinderMom ambassador and as such receive special perks and compensation for my posts. My opinion is all my own.

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