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Dempster’s Farmhouse Country White Bread #Giveaway

What’s your favorite sandwich?
I like mine toasted first on a great bread, something substantial, not flimsy or too grainy. The bread, for me, is like the canvas for a work of art. I need it to be well constructed so I can build it high with all the fixings. First I like a good Swiss cheese, then liverwurst, mayonnaise, mustard and salami, maybe a slice of ham too, if we have it. Then I warm the whole thing up for about 20 seconds. Perfection. Writing about it makes me hungry. You can see, with that amount of yummy stuff in the middle, my bread has to stand up. That’s why I stock Dempster’s Farmhouse Homestyle Bread. It’s the perfect comfort bread for me.

Now that my kids are getting older, they are ever so slowly growing more confident in the kitchen. They now know what they like for bread and what kind of sandwich they want. It’s interesting to watch them build their own sandwich styles. Oh, there’s still a fair amount of peanut butter and jelly, but many days my youngest daughter is super creative with the toppings. The other day she came home from school headed to the kitchen and with great pride built a sandwich with Farmhouse Bread, Kraft singles, mayonnaise, mustard, ham and sliced tomato. Then she warmed it all up for 15 seconds. My oldest daughter, well she knows what she wants. Lettuce, Dempster’s Farmhouse Bread, tomato, sliced turkey – Natural Selections and a bit of Swiss Cheese. Perfection. And me, well I just like that they made it themselves. Plus, when they make it themselves, on the bread they like, they always eat every bite.

I had hoped to get some pictures of this loaf of bread in tact for this post. As you can see by my photos, the family ripped into this loaf and devoured the thing almost entirely before I could take the photo. Tell me what is your favorite sandwich?

For more information on Dempsters, or for some great sandwich ideas, visit their site or find them on Facebook:

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