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Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Will Love

DIY Mother’s Day gifts

Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Have you thought about what you might like to give her to show you care? Most people opt for gift cards, flowers, or store bought cards. Those are all great choices, but why not give mom a handmade gift this year? These DIY Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to show mom just how much you care this year. You can also combine a thoughtful handcrafted present with a small store bought gift too. There are no limits to what you might do to help Mom feel special on her day.

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Age

Whether you are giving a gift to your mom, or the kids are giving her one, there’s a DIY gift appropriate for every age and skill level, and all of them are guaranteed to make mom feel extra special! Remember to pay attention to hints and clues Mom might leave at this time of year.


Cards are a great place to start. Instead of buying your mom a generic card that a zillion other moms are also going to get, why not make your mom a card? It’s one of the easiest DIY Mother’s Day gifts out there, and it’s also the most special. Using something like Picmonkey, you can take a great image off of the internet and actually overlay your own text to make your very own card. The kids can even bust out the crayons and markers and make grandma a wonderful hand drawn card as well. My girls are amazing at making handcrafted cards. I have several special cards crafted by them that I will keep forever.

Picture Books

Picture books are wonderful, easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts. You can get picture book kits or just pick up a photo album and replace the standard photo pages with some beautiful paper. After your beautiful paper is in the album paste in pictures of the kids, the pets, family outings – anything that your mom will love – and then use a decoupage coating on the outside of the pages. It dries clear, so you’ll have a crafty picture book that your mom will love and that will last for years. Grandmas love these too so why not help your kids make one for Grandma?

Anything Involving Pipe Cleaners

This is obviously one for the kids. The easiest and most adorable DIY Mother’s Day gifts out there from kids always involve pipe cleaners. They can do everything with them from making flowers to writing words on banners. Their use is really only limited to you and your child’s imagination.

A Trip

DIY Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be something you make. They can be anything that your mom has been wanting to see or do. Has your mom always wanted to see The Sleeping Giant? Does she talk about the time she went to Riverside Park in Guelph? Road trip! Maybe she’s always wanted to make your family tree, but she never got around to it. Research it all for her. Maybe she wants a picnic with her kids, or breakfast in bed.

Make Memories that Last Forever

DIY Mother’s Day gifts are great for more than showing you care. They’re also a great way to make memories that last. I don’t know about you, but the gifts that always stick with me are the ones that were made for me. I don’t need expensive gifts to feel loved. In fact, the homemade stuff is far more precious to me.

Do you have any ideas for easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Since I had kids, I haven’t bought a card LOL. My boys LOVE making homemade cards, so why not go with it!

  • Jennifer Williams

    I am actually designing a card for my mother to cut out later today. My youngest made her a rainbow pasta necklace. I love homemade gifts but my husband is not creative and has the boys buy me things – I wish I could get a painted handprint card.


    diy for any occasion and I am one happy mama. I love homemade things. I find them so special and from the heart, cant ever go wrong! These are great ideas!

  • Jaime

    Photo books are my absolute favorite gift to give and receive. I have several of my small family, and I love making books for the grandmothers (of my son.)

  • Ashley B.

    I think FREE DAY would make a great gift for those who cannot afford to buy anything. Free meaning, a Mother doesn’t have to do anything on Mothers Day like dishes, laundry, cooking. And instead, everyone in the house pitches in to help.

  • Pam

    My daughter and I are going on a trip together this mother’s day. I am looking forward to it, such a great gift.

  • Pam

    These are some great ideas. This year I am traveling back 2000 miles to spend some time with my mom over Mother’s Day. That is really a gift to me more than my mom.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    These are all great Mothers Day gift ideas. I will be taking my Mom out to lunch and an afternoon at the spa.

  • Mid-Atlantic Foodie

    Since both of our mothers are in different states we usually do picture books of the kids, they like to have something tangible (Facebook isn’t enough for grandma’s!) and we also try to Skype from a different location each year. So they can see our world.