How to Kick it Up Now – Easy Fall Style for Men

Fall style for men is something that gets neglected this time of year. With all the posts and advertisements out there about back to school I think men get forgotten. To be honest out of everyone in my family my husband is simply far less inclined to go shopping or revamp his wardrobe, even when it’s necessary.

My husband spends the majority of his time in jeans, shorts, and workout gear, but when he has to get dressed up, he can be super picky. He’s actually quite fussy about the fit and cut of his clothing, so I know men do care about fashion. If other men are anything like my husband, that fashion sense gets pushed back by spending time on other things like sports, work, family, and whatever else is on their plate. That’s why, today, I’m talking about fall style for men and the great sweater I got my husband to get his look kickstarted this season.


Fall Style for Men – Simplicity is Key

My husband is a stickler for fit, but he’s also a stickler for the cut of clothes. He’s not into flashy, dramatic looks. Nor is he a person who cares to spend hours creating a look. Rather, he’s all about simple clothes that look good on him, and the more I think about it, the more I think this is true for many men. Simplicity can be the key to a great look that they can feel good about.



The foundation of fall style for men is solid colors. A lot of men gravitate towards solids because they’re easy to pair with other clothing items. I get it. In fact solids are also my favourite pieces because they are simple.

Classic Prints

Prints add a lot to a wardrobe, but again, remember simplicity. Find prints that are classic like herringbone or stripes. Absolutely stay away from color blocking.

Denim is Always Great

I know, I know. Now listen I’m not talking about the Canadian Tuxedo look here. But I am advocating for a few good clean pairs of classic denim jeans for casual day. Denim – used sparingly – is a great accent. A denim jacket or great pair of jeans can be key to fall style for men. Most offices do a clean casual day.


Sweaters are Classic

Two or more sweaters – depending on how often your partner, spouse or boyfriend wears them – are a great cornerstone for a fall look. Again, opt for classic, masculine prints or solid colors. This is where you can get creative with nice fabrics.

I recently found a great resource online that I love, with high quality cashmere sweaters that are perfect for gifting! We started with this wonderful V neck cashmere sweater in gray from Cashmere Boutique. It has a beautiful line and cut, elegant style, and you just can’t beat cashmere. That’s especially true when you get it for over 50% off!


This Cashmere Boutique sweater is super soft which makes me happy. And frankly I am a bit relieved to have another reliable look for my husband when we travel together or take another cruise. Every year we end up packing for a cruise and suddenly realize my husband has hardly any good stylish clothing. And we say well we’ll buy some when we get back, or on the cruise. Yet we never do. This year I think we are a bit better prepared for the last minute packing routine.

Shop Cashmere Boutique to Build Your Fall Style for Men

I love Cashmere Boutique. They have a wide variety of coats, sweaters, tees, shirts, scarves, and more, making them the perfect source for building my fall style for me. My husband loves his cashmere sweater, and I love the deal I got. In fact, I’m about to head back over to their site and start browsing some more.

Do you have any tips about fall style for men and building great wardrobes? I’d love to hear them.

I received product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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