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style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Got a Canadian address? Like to shop? Then you know all too well this shopping drama. It goes a little something like this. 
While perusing Amazon or I found the best deal on the sweetest little motorcycle jacket in leather. Sized perfect and priced right so I flash my credit card or Paypal and get ready to bring that bad boy home when FAIL! Address screen pops up and I am in Canada. Now every Canadian on line shopper knows this one. Sometimes you might have spent hours finding that amazing deal and the perfect item and yet by virtue of your Canadian address you are Out of Luck. No place to even enter the Canadian address. Sad panda face.
But wait, this just in…My takes care of that pesky Canadian shopping dilemma for you. That’s right. Easy and exciting too because frankly I have wanted access to something like this for quite some time. My contacted me and gave me a six month trial run of the service. My sets me up with a US address and then ships the product, or package staright to me. The process is easy. Sign up and share your address, give them a credit card, so they can ship to you and start receiving your products.
In business since 1997, My is the number one ranked provider of consolidation services. They ship over 50,000 products a week to over 220 countries around the world. My has maintained an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau for several years. readers now can have their own three month free trial of My Give it a spin. No more Canadian on line shopping drama. They ship to you anywhere in the world.
There are three different levels of membership: 
1. Standard: which is dieal for those with only an occasional shipment.
2. Premium: For avid shoppers
3. Premium + Mail: For avid shoppers with ability to get mail as well.
Get your own US address with My What are you waiting for? Right now you can become a member for free. No set up fee. Click here to try it. 
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