Family Friendly Entertainment with Wind at My Back #TMMGG16

Family friendly entertainment is important to me. I know my kids see and hear things out in the world that I have no control over. But at home, I want to make sure that the shows we watch are pretty wholesome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not All PG, All The Time. We’ll watch Marvel movies and on my own I watch The Walking Dead. But when we watch together, family friendly entertainment is the rule.



Family Friendly TV – Wind at My Back

This Holiday Season why not give a gift set of one of the most family friendly shows that’s ever aired here in Canada? Wind at My Back is a Gemini award winning family drama that delivers a powerful portrayal of the Great Depression. Its heartfelt portrayal of the tumultuous time period. And the incredible acting and characters deliver a wholesome entertainment experience that everyone in the home can enjoy. My Mom would have loved this as a gift, as would several of my aunts and uncles.

Wind at My Back gives an honest re-enactment of how hard that time period was. The series also reminds us how the love and support of family can help us get through even the toughest times. You can use this series as a way to open up dialogue with kids about the struggles of life and how to get through challenges. It’s hours of entertainment.


Wind at My Back – Powerful, Heartfelt Drama

Wind at My Back was a big hit in Canada. The full 5 DVD collection of this powerful, family friendly drama won’t just sit on the shelf. It will get a lot of play, because it’s a great story. Kids will enjoy it and learn a bit of history if you watch together. It’s a great way to bond over wholesome, family friendly entertainment that sends a good message without being corny.

If you’re all about family friendly entertainment, or know someone who would love a good story, or DVD set, then Wind at My Back is a great choice. Between the powerful acting, the compelling story, and superb family friendly message it sends, it’s a great gift to give this year.

You can find Wind at My Back at Check it out.


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