Five Fun Freebies in Las Vegas #Travel

Wynn, Las Vegas
Let’s face it. Las Vegas is luscious and decadent and garish and gorgeous all at once. It can be outrageously expensive, a taste of life outside the realm of the every day Canadian’s experience. And it’s very easy to get carried away at the slot machines, or the tables. But there’s no need to blow all your money in one day. There are plenty of freebies to be had and lot of fun sights to see that won’t have you paying for your trip all year long.
My husband and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas this New Year. It was our first trip ever without our children, and it was a great chance to explore sin city, which I am clearly telling you is No Place for Children. (Many places we went to, we saw kids, but honestly they smoke everywhere in Vegas, every ad is sexually suggestive and they hand out little pictures of half naked women everywhere. I can’t stress enough that I don’t think Vegas is a place to bring your kids.)

The pool at the Wynn.
Vegas was a fun trip for us, and an eye opener too. I loved it and would head back for sure, but next time I will do so when the weather is warmer, so I can enjoy the pools and the gorgeous palm trees.
We spent a fair bit of our travel budget on food here. The food was not cheap. It was amazing and world-class dining, which was worth every penny a couple of nights. The seafood wood oven pizza I had that first night at Allegro, inside the Wynn, was divine enough to make me save my money and return one day. That’s how good the food was. 
But when you spent your money on theatre tickets and fine dining and you haven’t hit it big on the slots yet, well, there are so many fun things to do that don’t break the bank. This is my list of Five Freebies in Las Vegas.
Five Freebies in Las Vegas
1. Walk Las Vegas Boulevard. 
My husband and I like to stay fit and we like to tour the cities we visit. So we started from our resort and just kept walking for a couple of hours several days in a row. At one end of the strip there is Luxor and MGM and at the other old beauties that are about to be torn down like the Sahara. We covered a huge amount of Las Vegas Boulevard and it cost us nothing. We took pictures of all the spots we wanted to see from TV shows that feature Vegas as a backdrop. Bring walking shoes. This is one of my favourite pictures of the older part of the strip.  

The view from our window at The Wynn. It was amazing.

                  2. Visit Fashion Mall. Underneath this piece of architecture is the amazing Fashion mall. Walk through it one day window shopping. No need to buy. Inside there are so many big department stores your eyes will pop. After a trip through the deceptively large mall, you can say you visited a Macy’s, and a Bloomingdale’s and so on. These are places I have never set foot inside before so literally the one shop was so unbelievably expensive and chic we went in, up the elevator and walked around then we left. It was neat to see the store that is often immortalized in popular fiction though.

3. Go see Circus Circus.  It’s smoky, kind of old and a bit garish. But inside there are live circus acts and a carnival going on pretty much 24/7. If you go up the ramp you will see more children’s carnival games and a schedule on a small board that will tell you when the next high wire act, or acrobatics act is. It doesn’t cost a dime to stand there and watch. (I loved not having kids with me here because I didn’t have to argue that the games weren’t worth wasting money on. I mean really how would you fly back home with a 5 foot tall teddy bear anyways?)
The sirens of Treasure Island.
4. Treasure Island Sirens show:
Every day, starting at 5 p.m. there is a show about pirates at Treasure Island. It was a bit over 30 minutes in length and it features special effects, fireworks and fun theatrical displays. There are several shows each night and it is a fun casino to wander through too.
5. Ride the Tram.

There are trams all over between numerous casinos. It was free and a fun experience to jump on at one spot then hop off at the next. 
There are a lot of things you can do that don’t break the bank when travelling in any part of the world. We walked through many many casinos without spending a dime. We wanted to see them and take pictures and just absorb the atmosphere of each. The Venetian for instance was incredible. The fountains at Bellagio were something to see also. There is so much to do here that it’s kind of like going to Disney – you have to come back just to see what you missed the first time. Although I wasn’t worried too much about our spending here on this trip, because I know I am not a big gambler, nor is my husband, it’s good to know there are resources and sights that can be seen and enjoyed at low, or no cost – even in Las Vegas!

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