Free Printable Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Christmas tree coloring page
Christmas tree coloring page


As Christmas Day inches every closer you might be hunting for things to keep the kids occupied. I have always found coloring to be a simple and calm activity to get kids of all ages engaged in. When I ran a home daycare for a brief period when my kids were small, I often gave the kids crayons and coloring pages to calm them down before and after school. I loved the quietness of coloring. Plus for some of the kids it was their opportunity to just be still and occasionally it gave them a great little chance to just unload a pile of their worries. Little people worry a lot too. One little girl I used to watch was a brick wall. She was six. She didn’t talk much and I knew she lived just with her Dad. I could tell she missed her Mom but didn’t ever talk about her. Over several months we colored together and did crafts and sometimes we let her do girly things like baking, or making jewelry. It took months but she finally started to talk and engage with us, and with the other kids. Coloring helps fill a void and give the body something to focus on so that sometimes little people can open up, or relax. Today I am sharing this free printable Christmas tree coloring page.

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing printables. That’s new for me, but I see that many readers seem to like them so it’s my little free gift to you over the holidays. I hope you have some fund coloring with your kids. Or maybe you just print this off and enjoy a cup of tea.

There are two ways to get this to print. You can right click and save the image above. (It is intentionally smaller than the PDF.)

The link below here that says TREE is a PDF image. If you click on that it leads you to a full size image of the Christmas tree coloring page. Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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