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October was a month of travel for me. I was away more than I was home. Which was awesome, but all that travel meant I missed my workouts and while I ate well, I also ate more than usual. Don’t even get me started on all the Irish Coffee and great wine, whiskey and beer in Ireland. That’s why I decided to take the Renew Life 30-day challenge promoting gut health.

Basically that meant increasing my exercise and my water intake and adding probiotics to the mix again. Why probiotics? Well here’s what I have found.


Gut health is the key to overall health. Many studies have shown that a healthy gut promotes a healthy body. It makes total sense when you think about it. After all, your gut is where your body absorbs all the nutrients that we need to be healthy. In order to get all the health benefits of our food and avoid issues like leaky gut and other health problems, gut health needs to be optimum.

Better Gut Health for a Better Life

As all of my readers may know, I have digestive issues. I’ve had them my entire life. The symptoms – which I won’t go into detail about here – range from mildly uncomfortable to incredibly painful. And it often depends on how I treat my digestive tract. I have to stay away from certain foods. I am cautious with other foods and I have to watch for certain ingredients. That’s my life and I am used to it. But there are things I can do to alleviate symptoms and make my self healthier in the process.


So exercise is at or near the top of that list. When I work out consistently I have great energy and I feel better equipped to handle all the stresses of the day or week. I aim for 3-4 times a week and I do yoga or pilates, or centergy classes. The stretching helps me feel better and stronger too.

And for the past three weeks I have been using Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care. This probiotic supplement has 50 billion live, active cultures. Many other supplements have less. That’s an important point, because not all of the cultures will survive the acidic environment of your stomach. If you don’t take a supplement with enough cultures, you’re basically not doing much. But with 50 billion cultures, I know my gut will get all the probiotic goodness it needs to help me get my gut health in order.


Better Gut Health with a Better Formula

In addition to having 50 billion live, active cultures, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care ensures that it’s not a one trick pony. Those 50 billion cultures are comprised of 10 probiotic strains that help address all aspects of gut heath and helps balance the flora of the gut and promote digestive and immune health! In fact, this supplement can support occasional digestive discomfort when taken regularly, which is incredibly important to me considering my GI tract issues. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care capsules are delayed release, meaning the cultures get to where they need to be more than ever before!

Increasing my water intake and my exercise routine again has been valuable. My energy is much better when I visit the gym at least 3 times a week. Water of course is vital for all systems. And the probiotic works to make my stomach feel better. Together that’s a good combination for me. Oh and recently I have started using a Bellabeat fitness tracker which I really like. It reminds me to enter my workout duration and it tracks my sleep and water intake. Bellabeat also takes care of advising me where my stress is for the day. Exercise, water and diet all impact your resistance to stress. I love seeing my stress resistance growing.

30 Days to Better Gut Health

I’ve been taking part in the Renew Life 30-day challenge to improve gut health, and so far so good. My challenge toolkit came with a bottle of Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotic, a cookbook to help me get the right foods to promote a healthy gut, a Leaf by Bellabeat fitness tracker, and a probiotic Q&A and product information from Naturopathic Doctor, Sara Celik. All together, these items give me a powerful arsenal to combat GI issues.

If you’re looking to improve your gut health, consider Ultimate Flora Critical Care. Its 10-strain, 50 billion cultures give you the power you need to help you improve your gut health and start down the road to being your best self.

I received product in exchange for this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • gingermommy

    Gut health is one of those things I never really thought about until I got older. I wish I had taken it more seriously in my younger days. Ultimate Flora Critical Care is a big part of my current routine as well

  • Laura

    I take probiotics daily, I notice a huge difference in gut health when I miss a couple days. It is so important to keep our health in check.

    • Jerry

      Great information, thanks for sharing. I too have digestive issues which can be mild to severe. I’m gonna really look into taking macrobiotics daily and increasing my water intake. Especially when I’m working out..