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Limeapple Active Girls Clothing for Teens and Tweens Who Play Hard.

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Active girls clothing makes a huge difference to sporty girls on the go. Ainsley is wearing one of the Limeapple active T-Shirts under her karate uniform. The material is soft and wicks away moisture (important for sporty tweens.)

Have you met my sporty girls? Well, this one is a tween crime fighter. In her head anyways. Just kidding. She is a junior black belt. So is my older daughter. Together the dynamic duo dance, sing, act, ride horses, kick butt at martial arts and sparring and they also swim and run track. Occasionally they play soccer and do diving lessons and play street hockey too. My girls are extremely active so they need active girls clothing that A: washes well, B: lasts, C: looks good and feels like it’s not restrictive. Up until they were maybe 7 or so I could put them in any old brand of t shirt and it would be okay under their uniforms. But now, at 10 and 13, they are serious about sports. They need serious gear. For instance, gear that moves with you when you are running cross country. So when Limeapple contacted me about partnering with my kids I figured they would enjoy testing the clothing out and I immediately started acquainting myself with their vast range of clothing. I knew I wanted some workout wear and track suit type pants and jackets. It can be hard to find those after the age of eight for girls.


workout2 limeapple_workout


We found a Limeapple Power Top to start with and Ainsley loves it. She wears it under her karate uniform often. She wore it last week to do a demonstration at a Christmas party. The Power Top is a great price at $20 US. That’s compared to the very expensive Nike one I just bought. It is every bit as good quality and it is softer material that washes well. Limeapple has fun colour block power tops and tshirts and shorts and a whole host of dressy clothing too. If you buy anything between now and December 22nd you get free shipping and the items will arrive before Christmas. 

There is a baby line and also a cute cruise wear line. So Limeapple has all the bases and all the sizes covered. For a glimpse of their dressy clothing you can read my first Limeapple girls clothing post here. And my post about the Limeapple bubble jackets is here. The Bubble jackets are perfect for this weather, and awesome for girls who skate, or dance or just want to be warm.

I think I am the biggest fan of the track suit type outfits though. We do a lot of fast clothing changes for sports and for rehearsals so pants that come on and off and aren’t skin tight skinny jeans make sense in my opinion. The girls can wear their Limeapple shorts under the track pants and they are saving time. Also we travel a fair bit and I CAN’T Tell you how incredibly invaluable this kind of active wear is when racing down the highway to spend hours waiting at an airport and then even longer on a plane before you get to your destination. This is my ideal girls workout and travel wear. Ainsley is wearing the Girls Activewear First Place Zipup Jacket in the photo at start of this post. Below here she also has the First Place Asana pants on.

girls clothing
I love how happy and confident my kids look in this clothing. Ainsley is wearing this First Place Zip Up

From the Limeapple page itself:

Active Wear Fabrics

We use high performance technical fabrics. Limeapple fabric is moisture wicking. The fabric pulls the moisture away from your skin, spreading it evenly throughout the fabric so it evaporates faster, helping the fabric to dry quickly. This means you stay cooler during your workout and warmer afterwards as your clothing starts to dry the minute you are done with any activity.

The Lycra content with its four-way stretch ensures a super fit, shape retention, great freedom of movement and holds its vibrant color thru repeated washings. This makes it great for any activity.

See why I love it?


girls clothing
We received some yoga pants and a cute pair of workout shorts too. The outfit all together works brilliantly for sports, or dress rehearsals. Bubble jacket can be found here.

I am working with Limeapple and I have received compensation in the form of product. My opinion is all my own. Don’t forget you can still order to get these delivered by Christmas (Both US and Canada).

As shown above:

First Place Zip Up jacket with thumb holes.

Asana Pants

In first picture is the power top.

Payton’s Bubble Jacket is also from Limeapple. It’s the softest fabric ever. There are no scratchy seams and the fabric for all of their clothing is super soft. Also pictured are the cute shorts we received. I think these are the ones.

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