The Fright Factory Creature Creator Kit #TMMGG16

Fright Factory is a fun little opportunity for crafting bugs and experimenting with gooey stuff. Kids who are hands on will enjoy the creepiness and the sensory part of this active toy. This fun toy is a great gift for the holidays or any birthdays you have coming around the corner.


Fright Factory lets kids make their own 3D creations with EW GOO and quick cure gel. The gel creatures cure with an ultra safe LED light. Heat is not needed. The Fright Factory takes batteries. The gels are quick to set and they are not toxic.

Just load the molds with EW GOO gel, then place them on the tray and turn the handle numerous times. Make sure all of the crevices and dents on the mold are filled or the form won’t hold together well.


Fright Factory is a toy meant for ages 8 and up. It is easy to use and fun. There are numerous refill kits and additional accessory kits you can buy to add to the set.

fright_factoryThis unit does not require any plugs or electric power because it is battery operated. Through the use of EwGoo, Creepy molds and the unique Chamber, kids can create insects, reptiles, centipedes, skeletons, rats, bats and more.

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The Fright Factory details:

Canadian company Tech 4 Kids creates fun, innovative, and educational toys for kids. Their products combine popular characters with unique toys to encourage creativity and imagination.

  • Sells for about $34.99
  • Accessory kits and refills can be as little as $9.99.
  • Intended for ages 6 and up due to the tiny pieces.
  • Drawbacks: batteries will need to be replaced of course. We enjoyed using this and the other neighbourhood kids will play with it too. Snake cured fast because it is slim but we had to crank the wheel for a good five minutes to get the scarab to cure.

I received product for consideration here in my gift guide this year. My opinion is all my own.

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