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Germany Colouring and Printing Book

Let’s play five things you didn’t know about me.

One. I am afraid of snakes. They creep me out big time.

Two. I grew up in Guelph with my Mom and brother. We were a tiny family of three.

Three. I didn’t take my first trip by plane until I was about 23. I paid for it myself and went to Margarita Island in Venezuela for spring break with several girlfriends.

Four. My Mom grew up in England.

Five. My Dad’s family came from Germany.

Enjoy this adorable Germany colouring and printing book for kids.

I’ve never been to either England or Germany, but I genuinely need to visit both one day soon. Both countries are high on my list. England because I need to trace the steps of all the literary giants and also see where my Grandmother spent her childhood. This is top of my list actually.

While I have travelled in Ireland and loved seeing all of the sights and tasting all of the amazing Irish foods at some creative restaurants, I have not yet had the chance to make my dream trip to England happen.

Germany falls a close second in my future ancestral travels, because I have heard much about the country of course and its role in history. There are fewer emotional or physical connections to my father’s side for me, so I know very little about where his side of the family came from prior to immigrating to Canada years and years ago. But, Germany seems like such a gorgeous country to visit and spend time in. A few years ago I almost had the opportunity. Eventually I will get there.

Anyways, I know that right now this month, many of you are hunting desperately for resources to help your kids with their homeschool routine. I have always maintained lots of free printables here for you to share with your kids.

Download this Germany Colouring and Printing Book here:

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