Green Kid Craft Kits Box 10 Music of the World Review

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It was one of those days. You know the kind where the kids come home sick and you suspect the *flu* bug they have contracted isn’t really viral at all. Especially since the one child quite clearly seems as hyper as ever with no sign of flu, or cold, or anything else really. So, what do you do? 
Well, luckily a craft kit from Green Kid crafts arrived today and my little sick just turned nine-year-old, was completely over the moon. I made her wait so I could take some pictures. 
There were three full crafts in the music of the world box we received. Plus one extra, a box guitar, (which is neatly made out of the actual box itself.) This kit would make an amazing gift for anyone between 3 – 9 years old. My daughter just turned nine and loves to craft. These craft kids by green kid crafts are just right. The perfect amount of instructions and the right amount of reading plus science plus hands on experimenting with materials. Plus, being able to make most of this with minimal help gave my girl a healthy dose of independence and self esteem.
Ainsley hardly needed any guidance on this series of instruments. We started with the spin drum, which is much like one we bought in Jamaica years ago. Pull the threads through the cardboard drum, attach the beads, tie them off, then paint or colour with the crayons enclosed and Voila. See the top picture here in this collage. Now make some noise! Eco-materials include Recycled paper drum, natural wood beads, twine, watercolour kit and soya crayons. There was a gorgeous little tambourine with bells and yarn and cardboard too. Done, now just awaiting decorating.
Finish all the instruments then take the box and build a box guitar with rubber bands. Green Kid Crafts truly used up all of the materials contained. I loved that. So clever. No waste left at all. Minimal packaging to start with and a whole lot of education and creativity within. My daughter plans to take all of her creations to school to share. I liked that there is also an amazing little note or two with each instrument about the history or cultural significance of the instrument. Green Kid Crafts are on Facebook. Follow them on twitter too. 
These kits cost $19.95 each month. A total steal and a great present for any occasion. Good quality materials that are also eco friendly. Visit to order.
$$$$$ out of $$$$$
I received product sample to facilitate this review. My opinion is my own.

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