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Hit Gummy Drop Match-3 Game Now Available on PC


One of the biggest hit mobile apps, Gummy Drop App, is now available on your PC.

Gummy Drop App, available on both iOS and Android already, has been one of my favourite Match-3 games for the better part of a year. Gummy Drop App is the 8th Top Grossing iPad App and the 20th Top Grossing iPhone App. Now, this awesome Match-3 puzzle game is available on PC too making mobile and computer domination pretty much complete.

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Start your journey in Sydney, Australia and earn the tools you need to put the world back together again. Gummy Drop game has a geographical flavour and a female narrative character that I enjoy. I have already recommended this game to many of my friends with girls. It’s free, fun and easy to play.

gummy drop on PC

Gummy Drop for PC has the same familiar power ups and boosts that the App, available now on both Android and iOS, uses to make play more exciting. The power ups and boosts mean the play is fast and exciting. You can advance through the levels (or geographical destinations quite fast.) Each new puzzle is more challenging than the last. You can also replay levels to get additional resources, and show your friends whose best by overtaking their high scores.

At the end of a busy day I often reach for a favourite game for 10 minutes of calm. Before I shut all the gadgets down, it helps me to disconnect. Gummy Drop is one of the games I reach for. Now that it’s on PC my ability to access the game has increased.

gummy drop for PC

The PC version is not cross platform, meaning that it is a standalone gameplay experience that will require players to start in Sydney. Players progress on iOS or Android versions will not translate to PC, and vice versa.  Just like the app, Gummy Drop for PC is free, but there is a store and there are in game purchases if you wish to speed through the levels even faster. You are not under any obligation to buy the extras though. Also Gummy Drop on PC allows you to replay each level up to three times so you have more chances to scoop up all the resources.

Gummy Drop App was a lot of fun. Gummy Drop on PC is a bigger version because it isn’t confined to your smartphone or tablet screen. That can make a huge difference for many people. Gummy Drop for PC lets you travel the world, play architect and match colourful gummies while collecting things like bricks. Once you have all the relevant resources you can unlock your ship and sail to Tokyo too.

Now your eyes can take a little break from staring at the smartphone and you can build a bigger version of an App favourite. Gummy Drop is one of the top 20 Grossing iPad and iphone games in the United States.

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