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    Fun Elf Notes and Adoption Certificate

    The fun elf notes and elf adoption certificate shared today are free for your family to use and enjoy. This year, probably more than ever before, we need a little fun and frivolity. Of course, this year that also needs to be safely executed within the parameters of social distancing and Covid. Elf Notes and Elf on a Shelf Printable Activities post contains affiliate links as a service to readers. I receive a small commission via qualifying purchases. But you know who is not in lockdown? Santa Claus and your Elf on the Shelf. That’s why I thought these adorable elf notes and elf adoption certificate would come in handy…

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    Happy Birthday Scavenger Hunt

    Here’s an easy way to cope with birthdays this year. Why not give a birthday scavenger hunt a try? Tenth Birthday Celebrations When both of my girls turned ten, we did some amazing fun things to celebrate their birthdays. Together, with my entire family we took my oldest girl to Disney and the Kennedy Space Centre. My youngest got tickets to see Katie Perry in concert with us. But, before we gave her the tickets we did a birthday scavenger hunt. Hidden Clues I hid clues around the house and they led her on a quick tour to find the next clue. One by one she turned them over and…