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How to Make The Most Of The Last Days of Summer

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

Summer always flies by much too fast. July, my favourite of all the months, slides by at a maddening speed. It is a quicksilver month. If you don’t squeeze a lot into that short little window it vanishes right before your eyes. Hopefully you had some great weekends, or a vacation at some point there.

August brings with it a sense of urgency almost. I mean at some point in August everyone starts counting down the days left until school starts. That always makes me sad. Summer should be so much longer than it is. Now that we are well into those August days (soon to be headlong into ragweed season here) it’s time to reflect on the fun times you had and the things you still have left on your summer bucket list.


Here are a few thoughts on how to make the most of the last days of summer.

Enjoy the last days of summer with your family

Summer holidays are sadly coming to a close and it’s time for kids to fall into a back-to-school rhythm. But the end of summer doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. See below for five tips on getting your little ones school-ready without cutting short their summer fun.

  1. Set your clocks for more fun!

The week before kids go back to school, it’s time to start gradually implementing familiar routines and bedtimes, and that means earlier wake-up times. But waking up early doesn’t have to be a chore. After breakfast, start your day with a family outing—playing ball in the backyard or taking a hike. Maybe your older kids have a job, or they might be in camp so that early rising thing should be something they are used to by now. But it’s also good to strive for earlier evenings too. It will make for less of a shock when school starts.


  1. Allergy solutions that aren’t a pain

Do your kids have seasonal allergies that flare up around school time (hello, ragweed)? Or have they had allergies all summer long? My one daughter has had a lot of symptoms all summer. They began in May actually.

This year I found some great products that helped Ainsley get through the days outdoors at camp. I will be sending some with her for her final two weeks at sleep away camp starting the last two weeks of August. This year we began using AERIUS Kids® and Claritin® Kids. Both offer 24-hour non-drowsy relief and come in a great-tasting syrup.

The non drowsy Aeruis has been a game changer for my youngest daughter. AERIUS kids® delivers multi-symptom allergy relief in an easy-to swallow liquid with a great bubble gum flavour. AERIUS kids® brings fast and effective relief from seasonal and year-around allergies, without causing drowsiness so it helps your child to function normally at home and at school. In fact, AERIUS kids® also provides effective relief of allergic skin conditions, such as skin itch and hives.

  1. Take a school tour

Heading back to school can cause stress for some kids (and parents!). Take some time together at the end August to visit the school before its time to start classes. It’s a great time to talk about all the fun possibilities that come with going back to school – like seeing your friends or favourite teacher, or joining a school team. PS. that last week before school starts a lot of teachers are in the school decorating their classrooms and getting things ready. Call the school or drop by. It can help your child remember routines. Many years we have done this.


  1. Set aside a special day

The days before back-to-school can get hectic. Make sure to set aside some time to have a special day with your little ones doing a favorite activity, or having one last summer adventure. Something as simple as backyard camping or spending a day having fun by the water can be a great time to reflect on your amazing summer activities. We are still planning at least two weekends away. That said, we don’t go back until after Labour Day and we are always intent on getting the most out of the last days of summer.


  1. Treat nasal cold symptoms

Don’t let a summer cold or stuffy nose put a damper on your kids last summer days. hydraSense® has a solution just for young children that can clear nasal passages without medications or chemical additives. It’s naturally-sourced seawater so that makes parents happy too. We use the adult version of this product too.

What are some of the fun ways you and your kids are getting ready to head back-to-school? Do you have any tips or tricks for making the transition easier?


This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label. I am a Bayer Blogger and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.


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  • gingermommy

    Seasonal allergies are the worst! Sucks when you can not enjoy the outdoors because if it. We plan on doing some BTS shopping next week and hopefully a few last fun road trips

  • The Flying Couponer

    I can’t believe that summer is almost over. Thankfully we still have activities planned. Planning is alway a must for a successful back-to-school. I love hydraSense too. We always have hydraSense on hand. It really helps with allergies and when we get a cold.