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Hugs from Dad #WordlessWednesday #Travel #Tremblant

Caught you on camera.

I rarely share shots of my spouse here. Why? Because he hates having his picture taken. Sad but true. Husband of blogger hates having picture taken. Honestly. So capturing a nice shot of him on film is a big deal for me. I often point my iPhone at him when we travel and he turns or moves ruining the shot.

Early in March we were all invited to Mont Tremblant to visit as a family unit. While we were there, the entire family learned how to ski in two days!! I am super proud of that, in case you couldn’t tell. We went dog sledding and we hiked and walked and toured and ate extremely well. There are more than 50 things to do at Tremblant. If you don’t believe me, you can read this post to find out and plan your family trip to Tremblant. By the way Porter flies there fast and you can go from working to skiing in under two hours total door to door. Read more about that Porter flights to Mont Tremblant here if you want.

Anyways, this guy as I said, is hard to get on film. But this time I grabbed my new Sony digital camera and was playing around framing up shots and just generally getting used to what the camera can do and I snapped this during our family trip to Tremblant. We were walking through the village in Mont Tremblant exploring. It was very cold when we were there. If you look closely you can see his glasses are fogging up. Also it was so cold you can see Ainsley, my youngest daughter is leaning in and closing her eyes to soak up the hug and to steal some warmth. That is very Ainsley.

This is a Wordless Wednesday and in fact it is not very wordless.

Q: Is there someone in your life that hates having their picture taken?

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