Kid’s Happy Easter Bookmarks Printable

Kid's Happy Easter Bookmarks

Happy Easter! If you are sharing some books with your children, or your grandchildren, nieces or nephews this Easter, then don’t forget the bookmarks too. I made these Kid’s Happy Easter Bookmarks for you to share. If you are at all like we are, then you are always hunting for a bookmark. Why is it always impossible to find one?

Actually true story here. My older daughter was gifted a phone plan (she already had the phone but it wasn’t connected) last summer for her birthday. This March the phone went missing in a house full of readers and crafters. So, you know we have lots of books and crafty bits around the house. Many places that the phone could be hiding. Anyways, she lost her phone and I was ready to cancel it. She went to school and scoured her desk. She turned her room upside down looking. No phone. In fact I called in to Rogers to cancel this past Tuesday and had that thing all cancelled up and being watched by Rogers in the event someone found the phone and was ready to hang up when I opened a drawer and discovered it inside a book acting as a bookmark holding her place!! Unreal. Worst bookmark ever. So don’t do what my daughter does. Print these out instead. Maybe choose some card stock and the bookmarks will be gorgeous inside your children’s Easter baskets.

I also shared a grownup Easter bookmarks printable here last week. Happy Reading!

To get this one you can simply right click on the image above and save it, then print it out. If you have any trouble please leave me a comment. Check out my Easter desserts recipe roundup and my Easter Bunnies and Eggs DIY Banner. It’s so cute!!

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