Karate Lunch Box Jokes

Karate Lunch Box Jokes are the cutest thing to add to your kid’s lunch when they go back to school in the New Year. I mean New Year new approach to lunch, right?

karate lunch box jokes

Listen, if your kids are at all like mine they might need a bit of encouragement going back after Christmas. Oh, I know a lunch box joke set might not change the world but it is a nice little reminder that even when you are apart you are still thinking of them.

Karate Love

Most of you know that my kids are karate black belts. They’ve been at it for years now. My younger daughter has been doing karate for eleven years now. My oldest has been at it a little less time but she’s a head instructor now. So, we know karate and have spent more than a few days at the dojo.

Here are some adorable karate lunch box jokes.

Who is your favourite karate expert? Bruce Lee? Chuck Norris? Mine is my daughter actually. Both of them. It makes me super happy to see them succeed at something, so when they are grading and working hard at karate there’s magic in that for me as a parent.

martial arts

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