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Kid-Friendly Internet with KidsWifi #Giveaway

Creating a Kid-friendly space to use the internet is something most parents are after. The web is a great place full of knowledge, creativity, and new ideas. It can also be a dark place filled with vulgar language, images, and videos. The worst part is that it’s so easy to quickly jump from something benign to something your kids can’t unsee. All it takes is a search for one thing, a click, and suddenly, kid-friendly internet becomes a scary space filling our children’s minds with images and questions that we weren’t prepared to answer just yet.


Keeping the Internet Kid-Friendly

Of course, safety comes in the form of filtering out unwanted content for the kids, but it also takes on another form. Protecting the kids by setting limits and creating balance. Right now, my tween daughter is online waaaayyyy  too much. That is worrisome. It’s like her iPod is hardwired into her brain sometimes. In my opinion, being connected to the internet so much sometimes keeps her from connecting to the world around her, so I have to protect her from herself, as well as what’s lurking out there.

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I’ve recently been using a device called KidsWifi which helps me to keep my children’s internet experience safe and controlled, and I love it. With this device, I filter out unwanted content and control when and how much internet access my children have. It’s made the internet much less of a headache for me, and my kids have been pretty good about it. So it’s a win all the way around!

Kid-Friendly Internet with KidsWifi

KidsWifi is an easy to use, easy to set up plug-and-play solution for kid-friendly internet usage. It blocks adult content, gambling, illegal downloads, shifty websites, identity trackers, and more. Basically, it blocks any and everything I don’t want my kids seeing and/or doing. In addition, the parental dashboard allows me to set bedtimes, remotely pause internet access, and view recent websites.

My girls are 12 and 15. It’s harder and harder to say put the iPod away it’s 9:30, or put the iPod down we are eating dinner and No Electronics at the table. Words, and verbal warnings are sometimes not enough to generate a response from a distracted tween. Frankly my biggest challenge here with the younger one is Netflix. She loves a few shows on Netflix and gets so into watching them on her devices that she literally can’t stop watching. Now, I can help her to stop with KIWI.

Please note this screenshot is from three minutes after we set the gadget up. Now it reads Blocked 5 sites.

I’m in control of my children’s internet, and these days, that’s a good thing!

ALSO: KIWI KidsWIFI gadget has two different levels of filters so you can program it to be safe for younger children, or children who are a bit older, as mine are. My own business wifi is sluggish and can be stressed when the kid’s friends are over and we are all using the same wifi connection, so KIWI KIDSWIFI solves that issue too. You can add several devices at a time. My youngest and her friends are using it right now exclusively when they browse in our home. This is a Canadian company built in Waterloo, my old stomping ground, so that makes me happy.

I’m glad to say that my daughter’s internet usage has been curbed a bit, with minimal wailing and gnashing of teeth. In fact, she’s been interacting with the entire family a lot more. I also feel good knowing that my younger daughter is protected from accidentally surfing into some of the murkier waters of the internet.


If you’re interested in keeping the internet kid-friendly, I encourage you to give KidsWifi a try. It’s extremely simple to set up. Watch the video and my daughter will tell you a bit more about it. I received one of these gadgets for purposes of this post and I also have one to gift to a lucky reader. This sells for a very affordable $99 and is really compact and cute. My opinion is all my own and it is always truthful.

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