Cooking with Kids New Feature Bloghop – Thursday

Last week we were inspired by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
So we tried to replicate their Kid Clusters with M and M’s

Welcome to my new feature. I am so excited to be running a new linkup called Cooking with Kids. I hope you will all take part and grow some new friends while having fun in the kitchen with your children. Children don’t need a whole lot of complicated ingredients, or big epic turkey dinner recipes from Epicurious. They love to keep it simple and if, yours are at all like mine, they love cracking eggs, beating up a batter, or stirring something thick and gooey. Many years ago we started giving our gals something to do at dinner time to help with the preparation process. They love to make the salads and be involved, the ripping and chopping, with proper supervision of course, helps them take ownership of the meal. Studies tell us, and experience shows me that kids who are invested in making the meal with their family, are more liable to want to eat the meal. So let’s get cracking!

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Cooking with Kids can be a lot of fun. It’s a good way to bond, make something tasty and nurture creativity, along with reading and math skills.
So every Thursday from now on I am going to run Cooking With Kids linkup. You can blog or vlog. Call it a bloghop or a linkup. Whatever suits your fancy and your time. Take the button from the side of my blog if you are able. If not then don’t stress over the small stuff.

Join in and post a link to your own fun Child Friendly recipes.
Then pop by someone else’s blog and check out their ideas. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let them know you liked or plan to use their recipe.

Happy Baking or Cooking or having fun in the kitchen. Don’t forget to come back every Thursday for more fun recipes. We will aim to do some healthy cooking and baking too, but once in awhile we like treats too!

This is our modified recipe inspired by the delicious creations at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Our no-bake kid clusters inspired by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
1. White wafers or white chocolate (about one pound to make 12 cookies)
2. One bag of M and M minis. (as many as you want for a dozen cookies really)

Melt the wafers or chocolate on really low temp, stirring constantly.
Use a great non stick cookie sheet.
When the chocolate or wafers are liquidy work fast and drop spoonfuls of them onto the cookie sheet.
Wait a couple of minutes and place the M and M chocolate minis on top. Set them on a counter and wait for them to cool. Or put them in the fridge for 10 minutes. Yummy. Fast and delicious.

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  • Skees

    Sounds like a wonderful idea. I’ve got one of the few children who doesn’t care if she helps make dinner or not. If she doesn’t like it or thinks she doesn’t like it helping won’t change her mind. Miss R made raisin oatmeal cakes last week. At the time she liked them, then she told me yesterday she hates raisins. Talk about confused!

  • Paula Schuck

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    Looks like fun and good to eat! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and the link up.


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  • Multi-Testing Mommy

    Ooo…I LOVE this idea – what fun!

    My kids LOVE to be a part of the kitchen – the challenge is to find them things to do during the dinner time rush hour!

    Thanks for some inspiration 🙂