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 Magazines And Newspaper Media Press In Indoor Newspaper Stand.
Magazines And Newspaper Media Press In Indoor Newspaper Stand.

I love magazines. I love to read magazines. I love to write for magazines. It’s a love/love relationship. That’s why I’m excited about Next Issue Canada. Next Issue Canada lets me get my magazine fix without lugging around a massive stack of heavy magazines. I love that, because, frankly, my shoulder gets tired!


Next Issue Canada – Magazine Magic

I’ve always been a big reader, but magazines have always been the most fun for me. I love everything about them. From the stories, to the pictures, to the ads, magazines make me happy. What doesn’t do it for me is how heavy and unwieldy a stack of magazines can be.

I take my magazines with me everywhere. Whether I’m going on a trip or waiting in a reception area, I’ve often got magazines with me. My kids are interestingly the same. They always have a stack of books and magazines with them. They’re a part of both my weekly and my travel routine. Let me tell you, when you’ve got a stack of 10 magazines with you, you get a workout! There have been times when I’ve thought that maybe I should find something else to occupy me while travelling and waiting.

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Then I discovered Next Issue Canada. With Next Issue Canada, I’ve got a massive catalogue of world-famous magazines at my fingertips. This app is wonderful for a magazine lover like me, because instead of hoisting a heavy bag over my shoulder, all I have to do is throw my tablet into my purse, and I’ve got all of my favourite magazines with me wherever I go. Many of my favourite magazines are here on Next Issue. Fast Company, Chatelaine and Time as well as Today’s Parent are regular reads here, plus I love that I see many new magazines added weekly.

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Using Next Issue Canada, I have access to a huge library of magazines without any extra bulk. I’m thankful for that, and I’m sure everyone around me is thankful for it, as well! This amazingly massive and diverse magazine app gives me access to all sorts of wonderful magazines, and it does it with an easy to use interface right on my smart device. That means that now I can take my magazines on the train, on a plain, on the bus, to the beach – pretty much anywhere. Yay!

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Next Issue Canada – You’re Next!

That’s right. If you love magazines but hate feeling like a Husky dragging a sled full of magazines, then Next Issue Canada is for you. Right now, you can try Next Issue Canada for a full 60 days to see if you love it as much as I do. Simply use the code, 60Free, to get a 60 day trial of this incredibly convenient app. If you love magazines as much as I do, I think you’ll also love Next Issue Canada as much as I do too. You can try it right now here:

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This post was generously sponsored by Next Issue Canada. My opinion is all my own and 100 % truthful.