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Crockpot meet kids. Kids meet crockpot.
Someone asked me this morning what one of my favourite things to cook with kids is – and honestly anything in my crockpot is a favourite. No fuss. No muss. Healthy dinners and so easy to do.
I used to look after little people here. Lots of babies and tots and even school age children passed through our house before and after school. For a short time I had a home daycare. So because it was so busy my crockpot was my greatest tool. I could often get even some of the smallest people – as young as 18 months involved in this recipe.
Beef Stew.
One pound of stewing beef. The adult puts this in the crockpot.
Put about three cups of water in and then dice at least one onion.
Give the little people the choice of vegetables. Baby carrots are so easy. I love them.
Broccoli, cauliflower and beans.
Prep the veggies and wash them (older kids can easily do this)
Older kids can easily peel the potatoes (4 lareg white potatoes) while you watch and chop them with a small knife.
Pepper (about a teaspoon) I prefer fresh ground pepper.
Two to three garlic cloves. (my youngest child from six on could manage this – peel the garlic and stick it in the press, then mince away.) In cold and flu season I use this recipe a lot because we want to stay well and I firmly believe in the healing properties of garlic.
I often add a dash of soya sauce and a dash of worcestershire sauce.
Cook on high for about 6 hours at least. I like to add a little bit of corn starch or potato flour at this point to thicken. I love then to put it on for about two more hours on low setting. The beef will fall apart it is so tender.
Always remind kids to stay away from the hot crockpot as it is cooking.
This usually makes plenty for two nights for four people. I love that I get two nights out of this.
My youngest at 18 months really loved standing in front of the crockpot tossing carrots in. From time to time I would let her toss other veggies in as needed. (My favourite lately is green beans.)
Kids love to be involved and there is no soup or stew yummier than one that they helped to make.
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