Back To School

Time for #LinkedMoms #GoingBack Party – $100 Gift Card

It’s time for a party. #LinkedMoms and Staples Canada are throwing a Back to School Twitter Party and this is your chance to win.
We Have five great chances to win a gift card for Staples Canada products. 
4 prizes of $25
and one grand prize of $100 
What could you buy with a $100 Staples Canada gift card?
Well, I think I would start with this: 
Because my kids are in love with YTV and these are very hot commodities advertised on Next Star, our favourite show. And they look fun. (I secretly want one to play with myself so it’s really a present for me.)
And I kind of love Batman here.

My kids have a couple of these Better Binders this year. They got them at a Staples event earlier this summer and frankly indestructible is pretty appealing to me. So I might need a few more. 
And these Sharpies are fantastic. Plus everyone knows that signing T-shirts and other items is best done with a Sharpie all year round. 
So join us for the Twitter Party Wednesday, August 28th at 8 p.m. EST.
Use hashtags #linkedmoms and #goingback
Follow the directions and RSVP here. Or here:
Follow @StaplesCanada@inkscrblr @LinkedMoms @DownshiftingPRO and show some love to the amazing homeschooling mama @anniecannie
This party is open to all but only Canadians can win prizes. For full rules and regulations please click through to check via Linked Moms

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