New Years Resolutions Goal Setting +Printable

So, after the year we just had, is it even possible to have New Years Resolutions? Is it advisable? It is worrisome? Well, maybe just a bit. But I am tentatively creating some anyways and holding a few close to the chest.

Didn’t we all have all of the intentions and resolutions last year at the start of 2020 before the world went topsy turvey and the pandemic was declared?


I can’t even imagine a year now where my resolutions are not SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. BIGGEST emphasis on REALISTIC.

So, What are My New Years Resolutions?

What are my New Years Resolutions?

Well, this year I am saving at least one of those just for me. But, I am planning to continue to diversify. I have grown my name brand and my writing by publishing numerous pieces in magazines and I have a regular gig over at CBC Parents. Plus, I still do all of the content for two neighbourhood magazines, so that is a consistent editing and writing job. And, there have been some other bylines this year. I’ve also done some ghost writing and more. There’s more on the way obviously and that is something I will continue.

But what else is there?

Well, I just started TikTok and it’s fun and amusing during lockdown, so I plan to grow that and just have fun with it. Of course, I hope to return to travel SOON. But bring that vaccine first, please.

Maybe, just maybe there’s something new on the horizon for me too.

In the meantime print this out and have fun with it, but also don’t feel that you need to take it too literally. Keep the goals and resolutions flexible or general if you need to.

Check out this CBC Parents Crafts Post right now on Goal Jars if you want a cute kid’s New Years Resolutions activity.

How to Print This New Years Resolutions Printable Out!

Click on the link below and print it. Simple as that.

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