Free Arthritis Guide: Health Issues

Many of my friends and acquaintances have arthritis. When I was younger my mother had some classmates that attended teacher’s college with her and were left in chronic debilitating pain with rheumatoid arthritis. They had hands and legs twisted and gnarled so badly by the anti-inflammatory disease they could not work and really had horrific challenges getting around their own homes, never mind getting around in the community. My mother’s friend and her friend’s mother both suffered terribly from arthritis. We visited them often as children when we lived in Guelph. They have long since passed away. While their challenges were great, they always stayed informed about their illness and treatment options. They also maintained an optimistic attitude, even when bedridden in pain. There are so many different types of arthritis that can affect any age of child or adult. It is no longer a senior’s issue, disease or disorder. Sadly many young people and children are impacted. This free booklet is a guide for those living with arthritis. It is available through download and was offered to me as an affiliate with escalate network. I am passing it on to my readers because knowledge is power and if you, or someone you love has arthritis, this guide may help you understand a bit more about what they are going through.

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