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Ontario Infertility Patient Chat Tonight #ohip4ivf #onpoli

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Ontario is the province I call home. Many of my readers also live in Ontario. I believe strongly in the leadership of this province and I believe also that Ontario values families. There is no greater evidence of this than the recent commitment to fund IVF for people struggling with infertility. Infertile couples will soon have access to vital efficient fertility treatment. Why is that such a big deal? WELL, let me tell you:

1. Funding IVF (in vitro fertilization) with SET ( single embryo transfer) saves money. When couples must pay 10,000 to $13,000 for a round of IVF that ends up being extremely cost prohibitive. Some couples borrow, some take out a line of credit and some will take on three jobs or a second mortgage. That’s when they often end up taking risks because of the cost involved and they transfer multiple embryos. Multiples have a host of lifetime health care needs that healthy singletons do not. Funded IVF saves from $97 million over a course of 18 years to $179 million with greater societal costs such as lifetime health care and social supports required when children are born prematurely (multiple births).

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2. Every province needs to invest in people. People start little and they grow into taxpayers and they contribute and build and shape the future of the province. This is vitally important. Investments in family now makes a massive impact in the future of this province. Ontario does this. They have shown commitment and leadership with strong anti-poverty strategy, commitment to invest in health and mental health and addictions strategies. They continue to strive to find alternative energy sources.

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3. Maternal health is greatly impacted by infertility. Infertile couples struggle emotionally, financially and physically. It can be devastating. IVF when funded with SET leads to much better maternal health outcomes. The Society for Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has stated the same.

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4. Children are the future. Healthy children are in everyone’s best interest. Healthy children build our future. They are the future politicians, builders, teachers, nurses and doctors we will all rely on. WE are all invested in the future.

[tweetthis]Last spring we were overjoyed to hear the Ontario government had allocated $50 million per year in 2015 towards IVF funding #ohip4ivf #onpoli[/tweetthis]

Last spring we were overjoyed to hear that the Ontario government had allocated $50 million per year in 2015 towards IVF funding program.

[tweetthis]The Ontario IVF program should help 4,000 a year #ohip4ivf #onpoli[/tweetthis]That should help 4,000 patients in the province.  As many anxiously await the green light to go ahead, some patients struggle knowing that infertility and time are not friends. The longer people wait, the harder it can become, even with ART, to get pregnant at all. Waiting becomes a risk factor for parenthood. The waiting truly is the hardest part.

[tweetthis]Infertility and time are not friends. The longer you wait the harder it can become #ohip4ivf #onpoli [/tweetthis]

Right now we are celebrating a month where Family Day and Valentine’s Day reminds us of what and who we love. We love a lot about Ontario. We love that Ontario is stepping up with this new funding program to help build strong futures and strong families. We are hopeful, but also mindful that some will not be able to wait.

Please join us tonight for an Ontario Infertility Patient Chat and follow along with these hashtags as always #ohip4ivf #onpoli

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