Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter

Laser Pegs Ultimate Construction Toy #Giveaway

laser pegs giveaway
Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter, when it is assembled.

I am so excited to share this toy with all of you. Laser Pegs is a brand that I first learned about during Sweet Suite, which is a party that happened at the same time as a New York Blogging conference I attended back a couple of years ago. I remember being really interested in this one because it was a light up construction toy that makes science, technology, engineering and math totally fun for all ages and genders. Anyways, back then a couple of years ago I think the brand had just a few smaller sets on the market. But now there are endless numbers of kits to choose from. We received the Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter.

laser pegs
laser pegs

The Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter is meant for ages 5 and up. It has 102 pieces and 20 laser pegs in the kit. We were thrilled to get at this one and there was an unexpected side effect from constructing it. As we were all playing with the light up parts, that flash and pulse at different speeds when you add batteries to the base, I realized there’s a strong sensory appeal to the toy as well. Both of my girls were hypnotized by it and that can be very appealing for kids who have some challenges sustaining focus. This has been a perfect toy for February, especially since we’ve had cold viruses and ear infections floating around for weeks and we needed something to brighten up our sick days. The flashing lights do the trick. Even I can’t help playing with Laser Pegs. The lights make Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter so much more fun than any other construction toy on the market. I am thrilled as a parent when we get a toy like this for review.

Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter
Ainsley was ecstatic to play with Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter

My daughter Ainsley, 10, was so excited when this Laser Pegs kit arrived. It’s even more interesting than the popular construction kits she’s been accustomed to seeing. The coloured pieces when connected to the transparent light up pieces make a dramatic light show. The build able toys have a stack, spin and play pattern and are available in dozens of different sets. There are helicopters and landmarks and robots, and bugs too. There are also some National Geographic sets that I can’t wait to try out or purchase next. Laser Pegs toys promote hand eye coordination and enhance spatial awareness, creativity, social, motor and language skills. Quite simply this Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter has great educational value for children of all ages, and there’s an unexpected appeal here too that is somewhat calming for kids with sensory challenges. I loved that. I would buy this as a gift for a child over 7. In fact it will probably make my list for next Christmas for my daughters and maybe my nephew too.

Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter
Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter

Ainsley took some time to get this together. The instructions are easy to follow. We then took it apart and left it for Payton who lost several days of school last week with an ear infection. Payton is 13 and it took her maybe twenty minutes to put it together in its entirety. I was surprised she enjoyed it as much as she did. Teens can be interesting that way. Anyways, lucky for all of you readers I also have one of these kits to gift to one of you. Someone will get an exact copy of the kit we received – Laser Pegs 20 in 1 space fighter.

Laser Pegs offer multi-dimensional play for those age three and up. This kit is meant for ages five and up as it’s a bit more challenging. I love the light up parts, with sounds and a speed button too that makes the sound and light show go faster or slower depending on your mood. Laser Pegs combine two things most kids love – light and building things. Laser Pegs was recently awarded Dr. Toy’s Best Gifts to Launch Stem Learning for 2014. Laser Pegs are currently available in 30 plus countries. They are also on all social channels including instagram.

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You can also find them via and at specialty toy retailers, museums and destination gift shops. They are available for purchase on Amazon too.

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