Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner in 4 Simple Steps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for some festive fall vibes, great food, and quality time with your loved ones. Thanksgiving is also the ideal time for you to express gratitude over everything you have in your life, and what better time to say thanks than when you’re celebrating with your family and friends? 

Follow these simple tips to throw the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

How to Organize the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Throwing your own Thanksgiving family dinner is a fabulous idea in theory, but can be a challenge to execute. You have to prepare the food, send out invites, decorate, and pay for all of this by yourself. 

This year, try out a new strategy for Thanksgiving and throw the ideal holiday dinner without having to empty your wallet or fill your mind with stress. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, here are some fun-packed tips to get you started. 

Set up a festive fall theme

The first step to planning any party is to set the scene. And this includes coming up with a fun, exciting theme to plan it around. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect theme, you can’t go wrong with a classic fall vibe. 

Thanksgiving is often associated with the fall weather, and that’s what makes this theme so perfect for your party. You can come up with some fabulous DIY decorations too without having to buy out the store. Attach some cardboard cutouts of fall leaves and pumpkins to a string of fairy lights and hang them around the venue for a soft, autumnal glow. Turn off the rest of the lights to let your decor shine through. 

Candles always give off a nice, autumnal vibe. Set some up around your table for a warm, elegant glow. 

Plan Out Your Menu

Now that you have your theme planned out, it’s time for you to move on to the menu. After all, what’s a Thanksgiving dinner without the perfect menu? And this year, why not add some fun, new twists to the classic turkey dinner and surprise your guests with a bunch of creative, mouthwatering treats? 

Alongside your classic roast turkey entree, try out some of these fabulous appetizers, drinks, and desserts to fill up your dinner table. 

  1. Turkey-themed vegetable and dip platter 
  2. Turkey fruit platter
  3. Fall themed Thanksgiving grazing board
  4. Pumpkin spice pie
  5. Pumpkin rice krispie treats

The great thing about all of these is, you probably have a lot of these ingredients in your pantry, ready to be assembled. Don’t forget to add a few special treats for the kids, like some gumdrop turkeys or fall-themed cupcakes. Throw in a little something for the adults as well with some spiced cranberry cocktails and a festive fall maple-infused punch. 


Keep the Party Alive with Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Your menu may be ready and your decor may be set up, but that’s not enough to keep your guests entertained throughout the night. Plan out some exciting games and activities that everyone can take part in and enjoy. 

Try to make your Thanksgiving games inclusive enough to be played by guests of all ages. A fun holiday version of Family Feud or maybe a series of Minute to Win it activities are a great way to encourage your family to bond with each other. 

You can also add a fun twist to a classic gratitude game by passing out some colored tokens at random and setting up a code for each color that dictates what each person talks about being grateful for. For instance, a red token would ask a person to name one person they’re thankful for, and a green one would require them to talk about what memory they’re grateful for. This will be a great way to keep up with the thanksgiving theme while keeping things fun and interesting. 

4. Create your own Thanksgiving party posters

You’ve set up your party decorations, and you’ve planned your table set up. But who’s coming to your party? How do you plan to invite them? 

Create a bunch of custom Thanksgiving party posters and invites to send to your friends and family. This may seem like an expensive option, but the internet is here to help you turn this into a cost-effective DIY activity. Use PosterMyWall to get free access to a wide range of Thanksgiving posters and customize them according to your needs. 

Add your party details to your poster. Include important information like RSVP details. Add in a festive touch with some Fall themed animations and a warm, elegant color palette. Send it out to your loved ones and post it on your social media so you can get word out about your upcoming Thanksgiving party. 


Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with your loved ones and truly reflect upon everything you appreciate in your life. It’s also one of the few holidays where you can plan out a fun, eventful dinner party for your family and friends.

Follow these tips to liven up your Thanksgiving celebrations this year and have your loved ones be grateful for your hosting skills. 

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