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My Christmas Wish List Activity for Kids

My Christmas Wish List. If there was a single phrase that could evoke childhood and the spirit of Christmas long ago for me, then I think it would be My Christmas Wish List.

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Do you remember being small, poring over catalogues or flyers that arrived in the mail, circling items you dreamed of owning? For me, as a child, it was always dolls and Barbies. Meanwhile my brother lived for the latest race cars and trucks and puzzles. I have a daughter like that who asks for a puzzle every single year actually.

Don’t Miss my Must Have Toys for the Season Post. The ZAX foam ax throwing toy is my favourite thing.

But as I got a bit older, then it was creative craft kits like How to Knit or How to Sew, or even one year Fashion Plates. OH MY GOSH, do you remember that? It was a wonderfully creative craft that helped you imagine being a fashion designer and it was geared to tween girls. LOVED it. FYI, if you like unicorn crafts, this one caught my eye this year.

When I was a tween and a young teen, my entire Christmas With List was comprised of new clothing and cameras. I always wanted a new outfit. In fact, I can easily recall a few years when I received a gorgeous velvet or velour sweater, or the latest pair of jeans. There was a time of course when satin and sateen were all the rage and naturally those clothing items made my Christmas wish list too.


Funny how tastes may change over the years! But what does not change is the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. It’s fun to sit with your little ones and draft their wish lists for the holidays. Just watch as their eyes light up. I still enjoy browsing through all the catalogues when they arrive here, even just by myself sometimes. The Indigo catalogue is actually one of my favourites. There are so many educational toys, popular books and gifts for your home too.

That Indigo catalogue and the Mastermind toys catalogue both lend themselves to careful consideration. Grab a pen and get circling things together. This serves two purposes: you enjoy time together while also getting the scoop on what your child really wants. There’s less room for disappointment and error that way.

My Dream Wish List

These days, I dream of taking a family trip or a family cruise. But, that’s not something that Santa can bring me. At this stage of the game most of my dreams revolve around travel.

Anyways, if you want to use this with your child here’s how. Right click on the image above and print it out on your computer. OR, click on the download now button below and a clean PDF will pop up. You can print from there too.

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Happy Holidays! What’s on your wish list this year?

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