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Arm & Hammer™ Laundry Hacks #Giveaways #PassItOn

laundry hacks

Is there anything more thankless than laundry? Really? It never ends. Laundry inbox zero doesn’t exist. (Actually I think we have seen it once since becoming parents. That’s 14 years.) I Luckily my husband does much of our laundry. He’s super particular about it and he’s very clean. He’s my laundry secret weapon. Occasionally laundry is a family affair and everyone does the folding and the sorting and the putting away of the clothing and towels. Many hands make light work sometimes, but even so it can be thankless. I dread laundry. But what I don’t dread is saving money and saving energy. You can do that when you wash your clothing more often in cold water. Arm & Hammer™ has some laundry hacks to pass on to make your laundry a bit less dreadful.

laundry hacks

Arm & Hammer™ Laundry now has a cold water wash formula that works very well to get clothing bright, white, clean and fresh, while using less energy and saving you money. I recently received a laundry gift basket of the new Arm & Hammer™ Laundry products to try. And I got one to pass on to a friend. Luckily Arm & Hammer™ Clean Fresh Cold Water Liquid Detergent and power pacs work beautifully at cleaning in cold water. Cold water washing saves money and energy.

I gave one of my gift basket packages to my good friend Lee-Ann who spends a tonne of her time camping and following her dear husband all over the province when he runs marathons. They can use the extra help I figured. We can use the extra help too because heating the pool over the summer costs money and while I love my pool like crazy and can often be found swimming in it, the one tiny thing I am not a fan of is the extra burden on my washer and dryer. Extra swimsuits are one thing, but these days we do a load of swim towels every other day. It’s common for friends to forget their towels when they come for a swim so we end up doing more laundry in the summer than at any other time of the year. So I also need those laundry hacks that save me a dollar or two where possible.

The folks at Arm & Hammer™ Laundry want to help make your day a little easier with an Arm & Hammer™ Laundry gift basket. Use these products to help give your clothes a freshening up, so you can have a fresh start every day. And don’t forget to clean your washer and dryer every so often with Arm & Hammer™ baking soda and vinegar too.

I also have one gift basket to share with my readers. Canadians only though. So enter here to win. Just follow the instructions below.

I was provided with products to facilitate this post. My opinion is my own. 

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