period conversations
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Play ON with Playtex Sport Combo Packs – Preparing Your daughter for Her Period #PlayOnContest #PlayOnCa

period conversations
Don’t quit playing just because you have your period

At our house the activity rarely stops. I have sporty girls. This week my youngest will compete at a track and field meet, swim at swimming lessons, ride her horse at Sari therapy riding program, mentor little ninjas at martial arts and then she will spar, and do her own martial arts lessons. And she will run her little heart out playing with kids in our neighbourhood. And that’s just my one daughter, 11. My older daughter, 13, does most of that, with exception of the therapeutic horseback riding and she acts and sings and dances with a local theatre troupe. My girls and I have been having period conversations for a long time. I started the conversation years ago really because I believe honesty is the best policy. So both my kids have a working knowledge of biology and menstruation is not a taboo topic. Also they know I will answer their questions as they arise.

Martial arts for girls
My Ninja girl. It’s hard to believe this one has been doing martial arts from the time she was 4. Martial arts for girls brings focus and strength and self esteem.

My teenager frequently comes home from school with statements like this: “So and so had her period today at school so she was sitting out from gym.” Or “Jasmine was really rude to me today and when I asked her why she told me it was because she had her period.”

Call me hard core. Call me a grump. But those are conversations that make me a bit nuts. I remind both of my girls that getting your period is completely natural. It’s great to be prepared and it’s kind of exciting in some ways. But here’s what it isn’t: a period is not an excuse to quit playing, to quit doing sports that you love, or to sit on the bench worrying about cramps and snapping angrily at friends. Your period is not an excuse for bad behaviour. Nor is your period an excuse to drop friends and sports and all the fun things you love to do. In fact, according to the Playtex Mom Survival Guide Period 101: “Your period is not a sickness and you don’t need to rest or take it easy. In fact, health care professionals recommend being active as a way to reduce those awful cramps.” So there you have it. There’s evidence that healthy activity should carry on all month long.

preparing your daughter for her period
There’s no way this one will stop being active just because she gets her period.

Luckily, there are some brands that support active girls and believe girls should be able to play on. Fitness habits don’t stop because you have your period. Healthy habits are skills kids and adults need to cultivate for life. Playtex knows that. Playtex has a great little sport combo pack of supplies that will help keep your girls keep playing on. Period or no period. There are liners and tampons in the Playtex® Sport® combo package. With two girls our bathrooms are well stocked, so that we are ready for first periods and every monthly cycle thereafter. The Playtex® Sport® combo package has a bit of everything to let your daughter find out what she prefers.

preparing your daughter for her period

Don’t sit the game out. Get in the game. Play on.

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If you are a Mom looking for advice on how to support your daughter and educate her about periods and physical activity don’t forget to check for more information and resources.

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This summer Playtex is running a fun Instagram contest. Show the world how you play on and you could win $1000. Post your instagram pictures all summer with the hashtag #playoncontest. For more information check this out:


Playtex helped me set up a great Period 101 Kit for my daughters. You can duplicate this idea and have some fun preparing your daughter for her period.

It isn’t available commercially but you can buy the individual products and share them with your daughters so they are better prepared to embrace this part of their life.

period 101 DSC00405

This period 101 kit contained:

a Comfy T-shirt.

Playtex Mom Survival Guide

Nail Polish

A Teen magazine

Itunes gift card

Lipstick or lip gloss

Hershey’s chocolate kisses

A Magic Bag for those aches and pains and occasional cramps

Four packages of Playtex® Sport® combo liners and tampons (these combo packs allow your daughter to figure out what works best for her.)

Visit for more information and for resources to help. Playtex is social and on Twitter and Instagram. Tell your daughters to enter the Play On Contest on Instagram and share their health and fitness goals for chances to win prizes this summer.

This summer, Playtex® Sport® is celebrating young women across Canada with an Instagram contest that asks girls to show how they Play On™. For additional information, follow on  Instagram at @PlayOnCanada and visit

This conversation was sponsored by Playtex. My opinion is all my own and 100 % truthful.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Jessica

    I totally wish my mom had prepared me. I had only just turned 10 and I was scared and mortified. I also love that Playtex offers packs that have a little of everything for one price. When I got mine there weren’t many options and if you wanted to try more than one thing you had to buy big packs of them. You are right though, there is no reason that our periods should ever hold us back from doing anything!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My mom didn’t really talk to me about it, so when I first got my period, I was a little lost. My friends basically taught me everything I needed to know.

  • Catherine S

    This looks like a great kit. I wish I had this at that age. My older sisters explained everything to me.

  • aimee fauci

    I was too embarrassed as a kid to even think to ask to sit out. I think girls need to toughen up and do their best to play even if they have cramps. It’s tough but sometimes I think these younger girls use it as a crutch. You are right, moving does help alleviate the pain.

  • Jeanine

    I used cramps as an excuse every chance I got as a kid.. This is a topic I need to think about my girls will soon be at this age!

  • Pam

    When my daughter was young, she used Playtex Sport. It really worked for karate while on her period!

  • Aeryn Lynne

    Love it! I remember my school giving each of us girls a travel pack of tampons and a pamphlet, and that’s how l prepared for that first period that came about a month later, lol. This kit is SO much cooler. And there is something really awesome about a comfy tee when you’re in the middle of period chaos! 🙂

    • Paula

      I agree. Comfy rules. Plus I think it was hysterical and a bit awesome that they put chocolate in with all of this. LOL.

  • Layne

    I love that you are teaching your girls that menstruation is not an illness! And those heating pads have always worked well for me, hope they help your girls too!

    • Paula

      Stacey: I agree. Plus I like their philosophy about active living and keeping young women fit and healthy.

  • Christine

    I would have LOVED to have a kit like that from my Mom.

    I’ve started having the period talk with my almost 10 year old daughter. She LOVES to dance but not so much into sports (like her younger sister). However she did sign up for track and field last week, YAY!

    I LOVE that Playtex has Sport combo liners and tampons for active girls/women. I’ll make sure to pick some up to try out next time I need some. 🙂

    • Paula

      Christine: These didn’t look this good when I was a tween. We had some pretty old school looking pads and packaging too. Playtex has really changed the way this conversation is happening between Moms and their daughters.

  • Randa @ TBK

    Magic bag and chocolates – no kit is complete with out those things. I think this is a great way to open up the art of conversation when it comes to young girls. It’s not always easy talking about it, so this helps.

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    My Daughter just turned 4 so I have a bit to go but these tips will really help me. I also use Playtex exclusively, love their brand 🙂

  • Lisa Rios

    This is the first time I have heard about Playtex. It sounds like a great idea and I really like this kit. I think my girls too would love this one. Will definitely have a look in to this.

  • Angie

    That is so great that you’ve addressed this with your girls so long ago and kept communication open! I love all their activities too!


    I love that your daughter does martial arts. Mine just took up karate. She loves to swim, play soccer, ride her bike, ski, skate and the list goes on. This is a great giveaway and package for a tween to receive. It’s put together with a lot of thought.