How to Create a Fun Family Time Capsule

Right now, if you are looking for creative pursuits that are a little bit out of the ordinary, you might consider making a time capsule with your family.

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I have a few easy printables to help pass the time. This time capsule is a great idea to get kids involved in sharing a piece of history that they might celebrate years from now. At the very least, it is worth noting some of the events of this past year. While it might not have been the best year, to say the least, and while it was clearly eventful and downright hard as hell at so many points, there were also a few moments of joy that got us through.

My Time Capsule

Years ago, when I was in the elementary grades, my school in Guelph celebrated a special anniversary and the entire school made a time capsule. In fact, each grade made a unique time capsule, with dozens of mementoes and stories and then we took an afternoon to bury them in the yard.

I still recall that process and I enjoyed being a part of that experience. Then again, I have always enjoyed telling stories and writing. From an early age, stories have been my currency and my passion.

How to Print this Activity

Just download the file below and you can easily print out the time capsule sheets. Fill them out with your kids or have the kids do them on their own depending on their age and ability.

Craft Supplies:

Paper, a printer, pens or pencils and either a small box, small reusable container or a stainless steel time capsule container. There are several great stainless steel containers available on Amazon. This capsule container is a good option too.

This four page printable capsule craft is pretty simple. A relatively young child could use it and fill it out without needing that much support.

Always Something Worth Remembering

What are your favourite things this year? What were they last year? I know mine were very different a year ago. Just a year ago we travelled freely, shopped and went skiing in Vermont without much concern over health. Time has moved differently than we ever imagined.

Have older kids? Here are a few things we have been doing to stay busy this year. Nineteen things teens can do during the pandemic.

But here we are and most days we are still keeping our heads up and moving forward.

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