Sunday Spotlight London and a National Geographic Deal

So much to do today and I can’t choose. Well I missed my deadline for my Friday Finds. But I decided this week I would try something a wee bit different. I don’t want anyone to miss a couple of these amazing deals and events. 

Today is the Ninth annual Birthday Party for the Children’s Safety Village at Fanshawe Park Conservation Area. It is on now from 12 to 4 p.m. and it is a lot of fun. Head over. Some years they do the trade in your old bicycle helmet for a brand new one. All free of charge!
Also today at Stoney Creek branch of the YMCA. A branch I love they are running a family Zumba class. 1 p.m. Start. I might see you there!! If you haven’t done Zumba yet it is a lot of fun and a great workout. My littles loved it when we tried it at camp last September.

This is a new favourite product from Zulily on line. This is the Talkatoo with great designs for boys too. I love this and plan to get one of each for my kids. You record a message for your kids, boys or girls designs available. There are ones like this that look like necklaces and then there are ones that look like a little key chain clip. $9.99. How perfect for my kids who often miss me while at school (well at least I think they do). Also it doesn’t really look overly like a thing from MOM. So they won’t be teased and they can just use them as needed.

Today is the last day at Gymboree for the $12.99 sale. Toys R Us and Babies R Us have great deals still on this week, especially if you need outdoor play toys like water and sand tables or climbers.
Also check these awesome products out from Zulily. Love the National Geographic series of books and their magazines too. $9.99 for this almanac. There are others like the almanac that deals entirely with American history and presidents. Great gifts for over the summer to keep them reading and keep their brains engaged.
My daughter Payton has one of these almanacs. She has the one from last year. She carried it everywhere for the better part of the year and has regaled her friends with trivia and stories about animals and facts. She has a brain that just soaks this stuff up. If your school aged child likes to read then these are great books for them. Girl or boy. This is on sale for $9.99 until Wednesday. I am ordering one for a present.

These products can be ordered from my on line link to Zulily. Have fun shopping and playing today too.

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