• drawing_challenge

    30-Day Drawing Challenge to Enjoy

    I love a good challenge these days. In fact, I just signed up for another yoga challenge starting April 1st with Kassandra. So, that made me think that perhaps readers would enjoy a drawing challenge again. Post contains affiliate links as a service to readers. I receive a small commission from qualifying purchases. Why a Challenge? Last summer, I ran a children’s summer drawing challenge. That kind of family friendly fun activity is usually a hit for a lot of reasons. I mean last summer we were all looking for fun things to keep kids occupied. So, drawing challenges and building challenges are a simple creative activity that you can…

  • valentines_day_scavenger_hunt

    Fun and Free Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

    This Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt for families can get them thinking outside the box after tearing into the chocolates and treats. So, first of all Happy Valentine’s Day! I am always a little excited about this day because it brings out the child in me. That’s why, in that spirit, I thought I’d share my Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt! Celebrate Love and Friendship I can easily recall making those adorable little Valentine’s crafts at school. For instance, every year at my elementary school in Guelph we brought in old tissue boxes and made cute little boxes for our Valentine’s cards. Here’s a post you might enjoy about Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.…

  • Printables

    My Summer Drawing Challenge for Kids

    It’s a commonly known fact, in my house anyways, that I am surrounded by artistic children. I actually love their creativity. While I am creative, I am not, generally speaking, artistic. These kids can draw and paint and craft all day long. They have always been like this. Forever making, baking and creating things. Right now, as I am finishing this summer drawing challenge post, my daughter is making origami creatures nearby. That’s a good thing right now since there’s nothing much else to do to occupy their time during a pandemic. But, if someone asked me to draw a person I’d be hard pressed to do one that resembled…