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    Creamy Harry Potter Butterbeer Fudge

    My family is hard core about Harry Potter. So, it was inevitable that we’d eventually make Butterbeer Fudge. Post contains affiliate links as a service to readers. I make a small commission from purchases made via qualifying links. Why Do We Love Harry? We have all of the Harry Potter movies and most of the Harry Potter books and many of the toys and puzzles too. Harry Potter is a perfect escapist adventure, especially during a pandemic, or for sick days. I asked my daughters both why they loved it and wanted to revisit the entire saga so many times during COVID-19. They said it just makes them happy to…

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    Decadent Candy Corn Fudge

    This is Halloween. This is Halloween. You know that song? For some crazy reason I can’t get it out of my head right now! I know crazy, right. Some things you’d like to get rid of and others you can’t get enough of. Like this yummy decadent Candy Corn Fudge treat. Can’t get enough of it. Although my dentist might argue the fact. Candy corn is one of those funny little Halloween treats and candies I never thought about at all until after turning 40. In fact I wouldn’t have given it the time of day before that. Weird, but true. Now I enjoy candy corn at this time of…

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    15 Fantastic Fudge Recipes That Your Family Will Love

    Well there are few treats in life I love so much as I do fudge. It’s the perfect food, especially when it is fresh, creamy, and soft enough to cut for a group, or maybe just for you. At Christmas, fudge can be a gorgeous savoury sweet little gift to tell someone thank you, or even just because. I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth and so I will without doubt be making some of these delicious recipes this year. There’s something about fudge that meets all my sweet tooth requirements. Of course if you are looking for something else like a cookie bar this year here’s a link to…

  • best fudge roundup

    Best Fudge Recipes Roundup

    Who doesn’t love fudge? I don’t know, but if you are one of the two people on planet earth who are not fans of fudge then don’t read any further. Fudge is one of my favourite treats. But I never ever get to make it. I had grand intentions of making some great fudge recipes this Christmas but time ran out and then we went on a cruise. Not complaining at all, but I think it’s time for a little dose of fudge. The yummy homemade kind. Nothing tastier than that! Hope you find something here you love as well. Some of these would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! 1.…