• fishing jokes

    Cute Fishing Jokes for Kids

    These adorable fishing jokes for kids are a cute way to show your kids you are thinking about them when they are at school, or camp. There’s nothing quite as useful as comic content for kids when it comes to socializing. What’s the first thing that your niece and nephew tell you at every single family function? “Hello Auntie Paula or Uncle Jim” and then they launch right into the jokes, right? I love this about my youngest niece and second youngest nephew. It totally reminds me of my own childhood because my brother used to love jokes. I was very shy and so I’d never ever launch right into…

  • striped_easter_lunchbox_jokes

    Striped Easter Lunchbox Jokes to Jazz Up Lunch

    Easter lunchbox jokes are just the ticket to jazz up your kid’s lunches. Spring is here. That’s cause for celebration. Easter can’t be far behind. By now, you and your children, are probably all super tired of repetitive lunches. But you have a few months left to go before summer vacation. You need help. Here’s a cute idea to liven up lunch time – striped fun spring themed Easter lunchbox jokes. How cute are these? If you want to print them out for your family feel free. Or click on the PDF link below and print them out from the clean link below. I mean who wouldn’t chuckle at this…