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    Myths of Menopause

    Myths surround menopause on pretty much every level. From what age it begins, to what a horrible life event it is, there are no shortage of myths surrounding the physical, emotional, hormonal, and mental changes women go through in our middle years as menopause starts to happen. The Myths and the Facts of Menopause It seems that every woman you talk to has a story about what to expect when menopause hits. You’ll feel horrible. You won’t feel bad at all. It starts in your 50s. It starts sooner. You’ll gain a lot of weight, or you won’t. I remember my own mother going through menopause and I also recall the myths…

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    5 Common Cold Myths and Misconceptions

    The common cold is the scourge of people everywhere. It’s hard to keep away from it, because there are so many strains in so many places. It’s also difficult to prevent and alleviate the common cold, as I know all too well this week after having spent a week working from bed. UGH! Cold and flu season are dreadful and I find as a person with Crohn’s Disease I really have to take extra precautions to not get sick. There are so many myths surrounding colds. Will you get a cold if you don’t wear a hat? What if you catch a chill? Here are just a few of the cold myths…