Teletubbies are Back in a Big Way

Teletubbies are back for a second season. I couldn’t be more excited about this. When my oldest daughter was a toddler she was 100% all about these giant plushie baby toys and their adventures. She had so much fun watching Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po go on all of their adventures. That was way back in the day of the original Teletubbies, but now they’re back for the second season of their reimagined series.



Teletubbies Turn 20

This year is the 20th anniversary of one of the most classic and iconic children’s shows in recent memory, and they’re celebrating with “20 Years of Big Hugs.” An all new second season of the series reboot is coming this July, and like always, your child will be able to watch it every day on Family Jr. at 8am EST. This reimagining of the classic focuses on helping children develop their physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. That makes me happy.


Teletubbies are Coming Home to DVD

Not only can children watch these adorable creatures on the TV, they can also catch their favorite adventures at any time on DVD. Sony Home Entertainment is releasing a new line of DVDs to keep your little ones entertained during summer vacation. “Teletubbies’ Big Hugs” and “Twinkle Twinkle” both feature six all new episodes and fun bonus content that kids and their parents can explore and enjoy together.


Teletubbies are Also Plushies!

This just makes perfect sense to me. After all, what are Teletubbies if not giant plushies come to life? Well, now the kids can relive their favorite scenes and make up their own with a new line of super cute toys from Spin Master. These cuddly plushies feature built-in audio clips, music, and interactive features for kids to engage with.

Tiny Winky is the biggest of the Teletubbies. He is sort of the leader and he always goes first. Dipsy is fun and he loves physical activity. Laa-Laa is a big ball of energy and she’s all fun. She loves to sing and dance. Po is the cute little red gal who has a childlike sense of wonderment at life. Po is feisty and she loves to ride her scooter.

The Teletubbies have changed a few things this time around in the reimagined series. Their tummies are now more iPhone like and touch-screens. And their series is now shot indoors instead of outside. Did you know Teletubbies speech is based on young children’s first words?


Twenty Years of Teletubbies!

I am weirdly nostalgic that Teletubbies are back! I have some fond memories of my daughter watching the original show when she was a child. She loved the sounds of their voices and their magical world. She also got a HUGE kick out of Sun Baby. In fact, watching the show with my daughter made for some cute memories of her at that age. Now they’re back and better than ever for a new generation. The second season of Teletubbies is coming and with it, their 20th anniversary! So keep your eyes peeled for the new season, the new DVDs, and the new plushies! It’s Teletub-tacular!

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