The Best Unicorn Gifts for Teens

Alright, I know dozens of kids who are obsessed with unicorns. Kids of all ages actually and genders too. Unicorns are hot right now, so if you are searching for unicorn gifts this year then you need to note these right now and pick out a few. The signs and sayings here are some of my favourites.


Unicorn gifts for teens

I think the gifts are super quirky and cheery too. I kind of get the appeal here. If I was still a teenage girl (scary thought) I would adore any of these unicorn gifts for teens.

For Their Bedroom

DECOR – Unicorn Light Up Marquee Sign

Unicorn Tablet Stand

Unicorn Bedding Set

How adorable are both of those unicorn gifts for teens!

Quirky makeup and beauty

Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Clothing for Teens

Well, next to gift cards clothing for teens is probably the path of least resistance. LOL. They love clothes so get them some and you will be in their good books for a day or so. Kidding and yet not kidding at the same time.


Unicorn Leggings

Hoodies – Unicorn Print Hoodie

Socks – Unicorn Donut Socks

Bed Time Snuggly Warm Unicorns

Snuggly Unicorn Hooded Blanket

Unicorn Robe

Unicorn Slippers

Writing and Colouring

For your writers, this fun unicorn journal is one of a kind, just like them.

Unicorn Journal

Unicorn Adult Coloring Book

Young Drivers

Unicorn Car Decal

Crafty Teen Gifts Featuring Unicorns

Yarn Unicorn Kit

Teens can be hard to know what to buy for any time of the year. We often default to gift cards and so do family members. That’s totally fine by us often but once in awhile it’s really nice to still get and give a gift. I’ve taken the hard work out of the shopping process for you by gathering some of the most adorable unicorn items I could find.

Having a unicorn party? Don’t forget to check out these unicorn party ideas!

And here’s a UNICORN colouring sheet for good measure. You know the drill by now right? Right click on the image below and print out to colour or share.

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