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Tooth Fairy Tales and How to Fix the Fails

My Payton has had a wobbly tooth for about one month now, so we’ve been anticipating the tooth fairy visit for a while. Her wobbly teeth seem never to be nudged along by prying hands or crunchy foods or anything else for that matter. She is content to let them fall out when they are ready and that’s okay by me. It’s the kind of girl she is. Cautious and happy to just take life as it comes.


Our Tooth Fairy Adventures

Anyways, it is the sixth or seventh tooth she has lost. The process should be firmly entrenched by now in our house, right? We should be old hands at this tooth fairy bit. Except in this busy house of girls, a guinea pig and one husband we are the tiniest bit forgetful. And did I mention busy?

The first few times the tooth fairy visited it was an event and we happily tiptoed into Payton’s room after she had fallen fast asleep and dropped a loonie ($1) or a twoonie ($2) in a special tooth fairy box I bought when she was four (see, I can be organized), in anticipation of this momentous occasion. This requires more planning than one would think. You must have money, that is coin, in your wallet in preparation for the fairy visit.

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Sounds simple, but I in fact know of a friend’s husband who had to leave like $5 or $10 for his son, because his wife was away when the tooth fairy had to visit. Anyways the first time Payton lost her front tooth two years ago now, we had very little coin in the house and hunted for money that night as we didn’t want to be the ones to explain to her that the tooth fairy now left rolls of pennies and dusty old nickels.

How to Save Face From Tooth Fairy Fails

The second time Payton’s tooth fell out we were prepared. That was the day her tooth fell out while visiting Grandma and enjoying the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival. Grandma was totally up for the fun and took on the role after Payton fell asleep. So, no worries there. All was good and Grandma loved getting to do that again.

Tooth Number 3

The third time. No problem. Then came the fourth tooth and Mommy fell asleep that night.

By Tooth Number 4 We Should Know Better…

Greeted in a.m. by really sad-faced girl I immediately realized grave error and thought fast on my feet.

How to Recover from Forgetting Tooth Fairy Money

As she sadly trudged downstairs for breakfast, like a little sad sack, I snuck quietly into her room and hid a twoonie (she deserved it because I was a bad mommy!) in an unexpected spot under her teddy bear. Then, I held my breath as she discovered that the tooth fairy had hidden money in a different spot that night.

No Coins? No Problem..

Other friends of ours have left cheques signed by the Tooth Fairy and then just simply been creative at the bank. If you forget to prepare by having coins available, you can also leave an I O U. I am so sorry I ran out of coins or they got too heavy. I will drop some at your house tomorrow night instead. Hold onto your tooth just one more night, please.

Whew! Fast forward to last night tooth number seven, I think. I mean who’s counting now it’s so routine. Once again really tired last night and just about missed the opportunity to play tooth fairy but quickly before bed had sinking realization I was forgetting something. Luckily it dawned on me just in time and I once again magically hid the tooth fairy moola.

tooth fairy fails

Mission accomplished.

Hard to Remember Every Single Tooth

I’d love to say that it never happened again after that seventh tooth but let’s be real…kids have a TONNE off teeth and they fall out for YEARS. Years I tell you.

Tell Me It’s Not Just Me…

Now who else out there has ever had a tooth fairy fail? 

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