1. Alyssa K says

    World Vision has always been an incredible organization helping those in countries that are not as fruitful or as lucky as we are here in North America. It brings tears to my eyes knowing these young men are so very very thankful for something as simple as a soccer ball but our North American kids whine because they don’ t have the latest cell phone or video console. These young men you speak of are the real heroes, they will make a difference in their country and it is all thanks to people like you with big hearts and lots of love to share with the help of World Vision, one step at a time this world could be a better place. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. MamaLad says

    Who would have ever imagined that three soccer balls could make such a difference. I love what World Vision does. You must be very proud to be working with them. What an amazing opportunity it must have been to travel to Columbia. Keep up the inspiring work!

  3. Bonnie Way says

    Wow, that is totally amazing. We have so many balls around here… as you say, we don’t even think about it. Yet sports can be so powerful, and all they need is a bit of equipment. Thank you for helping and sharing about it!

  4. Suzanne says

    Another wonderful story! I love that these young people can find so much joy in the simple things, like playing soccer. Such a great way to instill the values that will help them thrive as they grow..

  5. Tammy Mitchell says

    Paula. Thank you for sharing all this hope with us. Daily I look for ways to help out. This year I will make a difference and buy a soccer ball with my kids. At the same time I will read this story that came from my friend. Thank you.

  6. Skees says

    Definitely amazing how something so small and what we consider inconsequential can make such a difference in the lives of so many others.

  7. Amy Heffernan says

    LOVE world vision. They have and do SO much!! Great cause. I have already bought a soccer ball!

  8. Judy Cowan says

    What an amazing story. Amazing how such a small gift can make such a big impact. World Vision does so much to help! I am going to go check out about buying a soccer ball.

  9. Jonnie says

    What an inspiring story! It’s truly amazing how much we take for grated compared to people in other parts of the world. It’s great to see the dedication of an organization like World Vision really paying of by not just offering food and clean water, but also pleasure and entertainment.

  10. lindsay cyr says

    Such a heartwarming story. I have also been a supporter of World Vision for several years now, our family sponsors a little boy. I’m sure he would love a soccer ball too.

  11. Viv sluys says

    This is how we do Christmas (started last year!) We do gift exchanges with family and we just buy something from the gift catalogue and then wrap the thank-you for giving card for the exchange! We’re trying to promote giving to people who have actual needs rather than buying more sorta-want-it, fill-a-house-with-everything things

  12. NJ @littleluckeh says

    You obviously have a good heart. World Vision is blessed to have you represent them.