Why Not Spend Spring Skiing in Vermont?

For years, I have made no secret of my love for winter and summer too. Spring and fall were distant cousins at best. A couple of years ago though, I started to wonder what if we simply stretched winter out a little longer right into spring. Spring skiing!

We are guests of Smugglers’ Notch while visiting which means we receive accommodations and lift tickets as well as activities.


Spring Break

Oh I know, spring break is often synonymous with heading south and we are technically heading south. Just not to the sunny south where the weather is warm. This year, we are on our way to Smugglers’ Notch to do some spring skiing. We can’t wait!

Us, on our first ever visit to Smugglers’ Notch in 2016

Smugglers’ Notch Layout

Smugglers’ Notch consists of three mountains – Morse Mountain, Madonna and Sterling Mountains. When we visited Smugglers’ Notch the first time in 2016, we were almost entirely on Morse Mountain because we were beginners. We returned last summer to see what Smugglers’ Notch had to offer in the summer months and now we are checking it out with an eye to spring skiing. That’s, right. I said Spring.

Celebrating Spring Break

In the last 2-3 years, we have become experts on family Spring Break ski vacations. Last year, we embarked on an epic 12-day road trip through Vermont, Maine and Quebec, culminating in a stay at Hotel Valcartier and the Hôtel de Glace, just outside Quebec City. Read all about staying in an ice hotel.

Next week, we will drive to Jeffersonville, Vermont again, pretty much a straight ride through Ontario to Quebec and then down into Vermont until we see the sign that indicates Smugglers’ Notch is ahead. For Canadians, Smugglers’ Notch is an easy drive and an excellent choice.

Why Take A Smugglers’ Notch Spring Break?

Smugglers’ Notch was named #1 for Family Friendly Ski Resorts in the East by Ski Magazine 2020 and it’s easy to see why. It’s also a 2019 Traveller’s Choice on TripAdvisor. We have been to Smugglers’ Notch a couple of times and it’s incredibly family friendly as well as a great spot for teenagers too. For sure the kids will be checking out the teen lounge again.

So, What Can You Do in the Spring at Smuggs?

Pretty much everything that you did in the winter is available during the spring months too, weather dependent of course.

This year, we are driving to Smugglers’ Notch to spend our spring break there skiing. We arrive just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Hurray! So, we plan to go get some green shirts or hats and dress up that day.

Here’s What’s on my Agenda for the Week

Spring skiing can be just as awesome as winter skiing. I mean it’s typically a bit warmer and a few trails might be closed, but for the most part at night temperatures dip so snow guns are often still going. Also, the slopes are often less crowded and resorts can be a bit more peaceful. Oh, and also if you are on a budget, then you can save money if you time it right.

St Patrick’s Day Festivities

On St. Patrick’s Day we will be skiing and wearing green. This year on March 17, there are numerous activities happening at Smugglers’ Notch. Wear something green and look for the leprechaun on the hills. He will be handing out raffle tickets which you then turn in at the end of the afternoon for possible prizes!

I love a good contest and so do the kids, so we will be looking for that leprechaun. Here’s hoping it’s not a rainy day. I’m aiming to do lots of spring skiing and potentially some other fun outdoorsy activities.


Spring is the ideal time for sugar shacks. The sap has been flowing and the maple products should be everywhere right now. You can stay at Smugglers’ Notch and then drive to a sugar shack to learn more. Or, you might consider sampling the goods close to the resort and stocking up to take some home.


Spring Skiing

Of course, this is the main reason we are looking forward to March Break! Spring skiing is glorious and like a last hurrah for the season. Go out with style. Ski all the trails possible and fall into bed at night. That’s typically my goal every season.

Nothing is sadder for skiers than the day they have to put all the gear away.

Glow Tubing

Please let the weather gods – and the health gods – be kind. Glow tubing is being offered on March 17th at the end of the day to cap St. Patrick’s Day off.

Cross-country skiing

Join the Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Adventure Center and enjoy 34 kilometers of beautiful cross-country trails for every level from beginner to expert. Rental equipment is available there too. We also have several group and private cross-country lessons. Not sure if I will get to do this, but it is an option for any of you visiting right now.

From 2016 at Smuggs, our first ever visit to Vermont!


Our Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Adventure Center also offers 24 kilometers of dedicated snowshoe trails for every level from beginner to expert. Atlas snowshoes are available for rent at the Nordic Center. We have an extensive list of snowshoe lessons and tours to choose from.

Ice Skating

My younger daughter has had this in her head for weeks now. We tried to go skating a couple of times but the weather for outdoor rinks around here has been a mess. We had rain in February and that did the rinks in. They have frozen a few times since but now they are a bit of a mess.

Twirl and glide across the outdoor ice skating rink (weather permitting) at Smuggs. Located next to the Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Adventure Center. Access is FREE. Rental skates are available at the Nordic Center.

Snowboarding Lessons

So, my youngest daughter has been talking a bit about trying snowboarding. She’s the most athletic of all of us, so I feel like she could pick it up. When we are not on the slopes perfecting our technique and enjoying the scenery then I might sneak over to see her master snowboarding.


Teen Lounge

Now that my kids are teens one of their favourite things about this kind of trip and this resort is the teen lounge. They would spend all week there if possible.

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