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Embracing art is a great way to expand our children’s horizons. The arts are an important part of mental stimulation. Participating in the arts or just appreciating them activates different parts of the brain from other forms of education interaction, and it’s really quite beautiful. My oldest daughter is an artist, and she’s always buried in either her sketch pad or an art book. She’s been taking a lot of art courses, so I thought a few books from DK Canada would encourage her love of art and make embracing art a continued part of her daily life.

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Embracing Art with Great Books from DK Canada

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that DK Canada is one of my favorite book companies. Their absolutely enormous line of educational books run the subject gamut. From comic book art and history to the arts to undersea life and more, DK Canada has just about anything to interest kids or adults. This time around I got two books on art and one book on optical illusions. I know my daughter will love all three, and the optical illusion book is just fun for everyone!

Photo by Ainsley Schuck

The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia

If you want to make it easy to get your kids excited about embracing art, this book is the one for you. It’s a visual history of the arts, tracing the development of painting from cave drawings to current forms, as well as information on music, photography, dance, and more. Here’s what DK Canada has to say about the book.

The most visual and comprehensive encyclopedia for children that charts the evolution of the world’s greatest cultural achievements in painting, music, photography, and dance, supporting the arts in STEAM education.

Kids can trace the development of painting, from prehistoric cave drawings to the Mona Lisa to contemporary street art; read the story of music, from classical and jazz to rock and roll; find out about photography, from the early pinhole camera to digital imagery; and put on their dancing shoes for some ballroom, ballet, modern dance, and more. Stunning full-page images bring each subject to life, and clear text and annotations provide comprehensive, age-appropriate coverage.


Artists: Their Lives and Works

This is one my daughter is sure to adore. This book explores the vision and techniques of over 80 great artists from the Early Renaissance to present day. It’s a book any budding artist will devour. My oldest is getting this one for Christmas. It should be perfect timing since she’s starting grade eleven art in February.

What DK Canada has to say about the book.

Exploring the vision and techniques of the greatest painters and sculptors throughout history, Artists tells the fascinating stories behind each masterpiece, including the historical context in which each artist worked, their influences, creative development, friendships, loves, and rivalries. From Donatello to Dali and Giotto to Giacometti, Artists showcases key examples of work by each artist as well as images of them at work in their studios.


Optical Illusions

While not officially about embracing art, everyone enjoys optical illusions. And when you think about it, there IS an art to optical illusions. I mean, it takes some major thought and visual prowess to make them. Everyone in my house loves optical illusions, so I knew this was a book I had to get. Here’s what DK Canada says about the book.

With the dynamic interactive Optical Illusions, each time readers turn the page, lift the flaps, or pull the tabs, they’ll be confronted with an even more amazing optical illusion!This guide to the world of eye-tricks is fun for the entire family-providing new and gasp-inducing moments on each page. Along with the illusions, which include a spinning thaumatrope, a stereoscope, and an entrancing 3D sculpture that “follows” you around the room, readers will welcome learning the latest theories about why illusions fool us.

Embracing Art with Books that Inspire Imagination

Although my oldest is the biggest artist in the family, my younger daughter also enjoys drawing and creating things. These books will be enjoyed by everyone in our home. Remember, embracing art doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be an artist. It just means you’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of art and the skill and vision it takes to create it. If you want to encourage embracing art in your family, these books are a great place to start. For even more books that make embracing art easy – and for books on many other subjects – head over to DK Canada today.

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